Happiness. We all seek it. It’s like a drug – something we MUST have – but sometimes we don’t know the right dealer. We fill our lives with an endless array of people from all walks of life just trying to get that fix.

But it too often doesn’t come.


I sought out happiness for the last 39 years. As a child it came easily. I cried – I got what I wanted. But adult life doesn’t work that way.


As an adult, I filled my life with interesting people, people that made me laugh (they always bring happiness right?), people that felt like “soul mates”, but it didn’t always work. Do you still have friends that you chose just for happiness? Me neither. Many of them are gone and I’m still seeking.

Here’s what I’ve learned: it ain’t about THEM. It’s about ME.

Now I fill my life with interesting people, but if they disappoint me… I’m still happy. Or at least I try to be. Who’s happy all the time anyway? Now I take it for what it’s worth. If it was a friend for a day – so be it. Did I have a good time with them? Did I enjoy the time spent? Even if the time sucked, what can I glean from it? Can I WRITE about it?

It’s time to create my own happiness. Join me.



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