Yard Sale Day


This past Saturday our town had a town-wide yard sale. They do this once a year at the end of September for the whole town. People from all over come to find their bargains and treasures. Even more people come for the great food – it’s seriously turned into somewhat of a one day festival.

Because we live smack dab in the middle of town we decided to participate this year. In the past we have either participated, helped our church or fled town altogether. With a small smattering of items, we set out for the day.

My parents joined us in selling some of their junk, er, I mean valuable and priceless items. Our day began at 6 – 5 really for my husband who gets up early most days anyway. We had customers by 6:30. We made actual sales by 7.

For me though, it’s more about the people watching and communication than the actual sale.

We ran into several friends throughout the day. Some trying to find bargains, and some just walking around sampling all the awesome, homemade food. We overheard some guys say the hot sausage is better AND cheaper than the Bloomsburg Fair and you don’t have to pay to park. Although parking in and of itself is a challenge.

I saw several of my Dad’s old co-workers stop by to say Hi and catch up with him. He’s been retired for about 6 years now. Some were a simple “Hey, how ya doing?” kind of thing, but one guy made his way through the crowd just to shake my Dad’s hand and say “hello.” Wow. I hope someday someone has that much respect for me. You could see it in his demeanor.

Then a family friend stopped by to say hello. She has been living in Mexico, but just happened to be in town this week and made it a point of coming by to catch up. What a blessing.

I found myself smiling as little kids walked, or got pushed by in their strollers. Some of the kid were social too, some crabby from the days events and several just downright asleep where they lay – paying no heed to the chaos and commotion around them.

I had dreaded getting up so early and dreaded the throngs of people climbing all over my town, but in the end, I met some cool people, caught up with some awesome friends and, as an added bonus, made a few bucks!

Accepting happiness where I can find it. Not the overall stress of this day, but the simple snippets of moments throughout. Where did you find a small snippet of happiness today?


2 thoughts on “Yard Sale Day

  1. The best part of my day comes when Boy and Bug race down the sidewalk from school to hug me and their oldest sister holds onto me so I don’t topple over at impact.

    1. This is an awesome example – it’s a simple, probably short, moment, but it makes your day. These are the things we need to hold onto. Thanks Susan!

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