The Sticky Elbow


My husband and I frequently try out new restaurants in our area as a way to keep up to date on what’s going on in our neck of the woods and so we can pass on good or bad feedback to our friends.

This past weekend we had some errands to accomplish in Williamsport, PA so we decided to try out The Sticky Elbow Bar and Grill. I heard about this place through my day job and I knew the owners had completly renovated it into a spectacular space. The proof, as they say though, is in the pudding and I wanted to see how the food compared to the décor.

We went at lunchtime and avoided the crowds. The inside is very modern and lovely – all new. They have a small seating area inside and out and two bar areas. We ate inside and started checking out the menu.

Although the menu was small I immediately noticed there were some old fashioned favorites, but with a twist. For instance, our appetizer was a Central Pennsylvania favorite: a soft pretzel. However, this one came with crab meat on topped and a mustard aioli. Wow.


Then, my husband had the Breakfast Chicken Tacos (a brunch special). This consisted of two large, fluffy pancakes (the tacos in this case) topped with bacon, fried chicken, gravy and a “dippy”, or sunny side up, egg. It came with syrup and a side of potatoes – a mix of both white and sweet potatoes fried in cubes. Wow. My husband was in heaven! This plate overwhelmed him, but he ate most of it.


I had one of their “Flatbread” offerings, which was basically a small pizza with very fresh toppings. Mine had chicken, blue cheese, arugala and a balsamic reduction. To die for. Again, there was too much to eat so I took half of mine to go so I could enjoy it the next day too!


We highly recommend The Sticky Elbow. The waitress was quick and efficient, the prices were fair for the size of the plates and everything was the perfect temperature and taste level.

This weekend – give them a try! Enjoy a little happiness with a date night with your hubby, a night out with the girls, or treat yourself just for you!

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