A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Life and Happiness

My puppy (and by “puppy” I mean my nearly ten-year-old cockapoo, Max) and I like to take walks around our small town. It helps both of us keep our trim figures (yeah, right.) and also helps him to get out of the house and release some energy.

Max Walking

As we walked all over town tonight I released how many of our neighbors we knew by their dogs.

This house has a small, nippy dog who once came out and “attacked” us in the road.

This house has a larger dog, who sounds mean, but who is always inside. So we can pass by without fear.

This house has Sadie. Her Mom and Dad go to our church and she always stops barking when we say her name. As if she’s thinking: “How do they know my name?”

This one Sophie. She lives across the street and will love on a burglar. We have to be careful because if she’s outside she’ll make a bee-line for us – even if it means crossing the street.

This one Napoleon. He doesn’t get out of the yard and often howls to be left out. He once got loose and it took them weeks to find him. Several counties away.

Although I’m sure my dog would prefer he be the only dog in the town, it’s nice to know so many of our neighbors.

Even if it is just their PETS we know.


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