Happiness vs. Fear

Life and Happiness

Happiness is the absence of fear.

Wow. That’s quite the statement isn’t it?

But think about it—what makes you unhappy? For me, mostly, it’s the fear of the unknown, or the fear of the what-if, or the doubts that creep into my head. When I’m feeling unhappy—not satisfied with my life, my health, my career or whatever—it’s mainly because I am fearful of things I cannot change or things I don’t understand.

Here’s an even bigger revelation I had today: my unhappiness is caused by me not living in the moment.

Now so many people teach “Live in the Moment!” or “Seize the Day!” and I don’t want it to sound trite. So instead of using over simplified catch phrases for it, I’ll define it. Don’t think about tomorrow. Think about TODAY. What are you happy for TODAY. Right this moment, right now, look around, seek out something good and smile about it. Did you see a cute puppy today? How about a small child smiling? Are you having the best hair day ever? Maybe someone paid you a compliment, or held a door for you, or wished you a “good morning.”

Seek happiness in this moment.


I was VERY happy in this moment. Snuggling puppies always make me happy.

Even the bible speaks about it: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”(Matthew 6:34) [and, yes, it does say today has enough worry, but stick with me here people!]

Let’s take a “for instance”. Say a man is unhappy with his job. Why? He doesn’t like his boss. Break that down further: “doesn’t like his boss” means he probably feels like he’s not good enough because the boss yells a lot. Maybe that makes him feel like he isn’t doing a good job and will eventually be fired. There it is: worrying about the future. Not living for today.

Now, today the boss screamed at him. So today wasn’t so awesome either. He doesn’t need to dwell on that though. Take from it, learn from it, flip off the boss behind his back… but don’t let it ruin your whole day.

So, maybe today was a bad day for you too. Let me implore you to do this: 1) Don’t let it ruin your week. 2) Take ten minutes (or five even) and write down three things that are really terrific about your life—just three things. Write more if you can – but start with three.

Here are my three for today:
1) I had a good hair day.
2) My husband still loves me.
3) The sun was shining all day.

Simple—don’t overthink it. Take that small step to being happy. It’s not about being “shiny, happy people,” it’s about being healthier inside and out. We can do it.


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