Not So Tight Fittin’ Jeans

Life and Happiness

If you live near Hershey, PA you probably heard a great shout of “Praise Jesus!” early this past Saturday morn as I FINALLY ended, for now, my quest for a good fittin’ pair of jeans.

Earlier in the week I had searched online for “jeans for fuller figured gals” and “jeans for big bottomed women” so I had a few ideas where I might start. Hence the trip to the Hershey Outlets – in search of the perfect paid of jeans. My pre-investigation did not lead me astray. My husband and I started at Lane Bryant and quickly found a good selection of jeans to start with. As I trudged to the fitting room, I’ll be honest, I did not have much hope. The dreaded fitting room had fooled me into false security before. With it’s precisely hung carnival mirrors (you know the ones – except, unlike the typical carnival mirror, these make everyone seem fabulously thin and every piece of clothing fit with precision) and the mood lighting casting soft glows to your wonderfully shaped body. I was on the defensive. I would not be fooled again. Oh, how often I had tried on clothes and purchased them, thinking they fit wonderfully, only to get them home and reveal that the clerk had obviously switched out my goods for ones half sizes too small whilst I wasn’t looking. Never again.

I tried one pair deemed “Jeggings”. Even though I would, typically, stray far, FAR away from this type, they just seemed, to the eye, like they might fit nicely.

As I slid one leg cautiously into this first choice, I noticed the smooth, silky fabric. Then I noticed how they slid effortlessly up and buttoned without the slightest grunting involved. Before I knew it they were on me and looking fabulous. Hmm…. They fit like a glove. What kind of trickery could this be?! I even looked almost… dare I say it?… thin. It was a miracle pant for certain! I discarded them from my body before the allusion faded. I sought out the next pair before my confidence started to soar too quickly.

Next – the jeans titled “Genius Fit” by the makers at Lane Bryant. “Humph! Genius Fit indeed. We’ll see about that!” I mumbled to myself as I carefully slid them on.

First and foremost I’ll say this: I loved them for ONE factor – they sat ON MY WAIST, not half way down my hips and not showing off my backside crack-side. Some would call these “high waisted”, I simply refer to them as “normal.” These makers have, in my opinion, certainly created the “Genius Fit”, but it’s one that has been already created. This is how pants should fit folks. Do you see men, other than the youngsters these days, wearing THEIR jeans half way down their hips? Nope. So, why are women doing it?? Merely because some designer said this is how it should be.


I say “NO!” – let’s take back our jeans ladies! And these were the jeans to do it.

My husband was so thrilled that I found a pair I liked, and henceforth ending his saga too, that he offered to buy 7-10 pairs and put them in vacuum sealed packages to be used as each wore out. I declined. We bought two pair – one pair of “Genius Fit” jeans and the other the jeggings. My husband looked confused, but I assured him I might buy more from their website later.

I wanted to be sure it wasn’t the trick mirror after all.


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