This Week’s Simple Snippet – Black Friday

Food, Life and Happiness

I have never been a big fan of shopping on Black Friday. Although I have gone out on Black Friday shopping – it’s usually been after the crowds have dispersed (you know, about 10am). I’ve still purchased what I needed and came back alive to tell about it.

So this Black Friday my husband and I decided to forgo any shopping and head to my Mom’s instead to bake cookies (because I don’t already have enough cookies in my house.) Mom and I always have baked sand tarts after Thanksgiving. It’s traditionally been on Black Friday, or near deer hunting season. We’ve done it many times before on the Saturday that hunting season starts – mainly because Dad hasn’t been “underfoot”. This time around both husbands were in attendance, but we tried hard to get them to do work while we baked away.

The sand tart cookie recipe my Mom has is from fraternal grandmother. Mom mixes the ingredients together the night before and let’s it chill in the fridge overnight. Sand tarts are kind of like sugar cookies, but much thinner, and have a lot more butter. We roll out the dough, cut them into various Christmassy shapes, spread some egg wash over each one, sprinkle on some decorations and bake them to golden perfection.


The first batches out of the oven.

The recipe we have makes quite a few cookies and, in the past, has taken us a good part of one day to complete baking. But Mom and I have gotten the cookies down to a nice science over the years. We use multiple cookie trays so that the oven is never on without cookies baking and our assembly line kind of system makes everything work smoothly.

However, I have no idea what I will do when she isn’t around – we work so perfectly together. Typically Mom rolls the dough and cuts the shapes while I do the decorating. We’re good at our roles. But due to Mom’s illness she found it a little more difficult to do the rolling this year so I took over about half way through.

20131129_104906Our rolling and cutting station

Let’s just say… although we’re both good at our roles, since we’ve been doing our individual roles for so long, when we switched it up we had slightly different results.

For instance: some of the cookies are a little thicker than they should be due to my inability to wield a rolling pin properly. And some of the angels look like demon possessed entities due to their red teaberry eyes (Mom thought adding “eyes” would make them more “life-like”.)

BUT – they still taste the same and no one really is upset about either difference. And I didn’t have to tackle any crowds to get them.

We finished up the day by helping Mom and Dad put up their Christmas tree so it really made the day complete. I was glad for another year with my mom to bake the cookies handed down through several generations, but I am worried about the future. I can follow a recipe so I know that won’t be an issue moving forward, but I have to learn to roll out better if I’m going to make these when Mom’s gone… or I need to train my husband to do the rolling. I think I’m going to have to practice with that rolling pin.


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