People Pushups

Life and Happiness

While visiting our god daughter and her parents the other evening she wanted to show us how Daddy did push-ups with her. Intrigued we sat back and watched the display.

Her dad, Dwayne, lay on his stomach and she ran and flopped on his back (the poor guy won’t be able to walk much if she keeps doing this, I surmise, and he has another daughter coming up the ranks…) With an “oof!” he was off to the races – doing push-ups with her on his back. We lost count of how many he did, but it was obvious he had been doing this for some time as part of his exercise regimen. His arms will undoubtedly be huge by the time she’s a teenager.

When he finished a respectable amount, she dismounted and then demanded that my husband give it a go. Never one to back down from a challenge, he did as he was instructed and she gingerly (because her parents told her to “take it easy on Uncle John”) lay across his back. Now my husband is in decent shape, but his arm strength isn’t so hot (but don’t challenge him in a leg race—he’s increased his speed this year!) He pushed out about ten before collapsing and giving up. He lay on the floor, letting his arms come to terms with what had just occurred. We were all suitably impressed and Megan giggled joyously the whole time. She’s quite the sadist.

Then her dad showed us the “other way” as Megan referred to it—he lay on his back this time and did “dead man presses” with Megan. They had it all figured out—she rolled onto his hands and kept stock still, like a rod, while he pressed her up and down like a set of barbells. The look of glee on her face was priceless. He quickly, and I mean QUICKLY, pushed off twenty and stood her up beside him with the greatest of ease.

20131201_171804 She’s a blur because he did these too fast!

John was, once again, entreated to try this game and, once again, readily agreed. Remember how I said his arm strength isn’t the best? Yeah…this time around wasn’t as easy. The poor guy had just been subjected to push-ups—his arms were already tired!

As Megan waited patiently for him to begin, Dwayne loomed over him giving encouragement and my husband strained to lift this little five-year-old. His arms were protesting and Megan teetered precariously in his arms.

“Keep straight, Megan! Keep straight!” her dad yelled.

She giggled and pushed out her legs in the perfect imitation of a stick. BOING!!

20131201_171902Going down for the count?

Then Megan’s giggles infected John and he began to laugh. Then Dwayne started laughing while still yelling encouragement. Then, all at once, we all broke out in giggles and John almost dropped the lovely lass right on her… ahem.

He quickly brought her down to his chest and waited for the laughter to subside. His laughter rattled his chest which jiggled Megan and she giggled harder. We howled. Dwayne walked into the kitchen to regain his composure. Amy and I rolled about on the couch in our glee.

With deep breaths, we came back to our senses, and John tried again. Megan did her best stick impersonation, and he pushed off a good ten before almost collapsing in laughter again.


“Okay!” he said “I’m good!”

Megan stood up and clapped. Her boys had entertained her for another hour.

John’s arms were not the same the next day, but he wouldn’t have traded this moment for the world, to put a smile on the face of the little girl we call family.

He’s just hoping she won’t ask for a repeat performance. ♥


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