When You’re Bored At The Gym


Here I am at the gym again.  The holidays were good to me – too good. But I hate the gym. So I’m listening to some good music and trying to write this blog on my phone. Not too easy while bobbing up and down on an exercise bike.

I know I have to do this in order to maintain my weight, in order to fit into those jeans, but I’d rather have stayed in my warm, cozy bed. And sliding across the icy gym parking lot made it seem worse, but, by then, I was here. No turning back now.

So here I sit on the bike. Sweating. Resenting the lugs walking around in their muscle shirts with the rippling biceps and the ladies strutting around in their hot pants, meanwhile I’m covered from head to toe in warm clothes. Including a hat for my bed head. And no makeup. Hey, I’m married – and he’s back there on the treadmill looking equally disgusting. (not really, he looks great all the time – damn him.)  So at least I don’t have to play the singles game too while I’m here -schlub city it is!

We often have to do things we don’t want to.  Go to work,  the grocery store (where I’m headed after this…), and the gym. But its usually for our benefit. We need money, we need food, and we need to work off too MUCH food. It’s an endless cycle,  but let’s find some good in it -some joy.

Being at the gym does beat being cold for this hour, now that I’m actually warming up. I feel more energized throughout the day too. Later, I can indulge a bit without feeling guilty. And I can catch up on my blog and my  favorite music.  I wrote this whole blog on my phone while listening to my tunes!

And, look at that, I’ve been here almost thirty five minutes already!

Oops. Shouldn’t remind myself where I am because then I want to leave. Losing the joy… Back to my Britney song and staring at my gorgeous husband on the treadmill.


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