How To Get Inspired

Life and Happiness

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Pinterest. It’s so helpful in obtaining recipes, quick money saving tips, style suggestions and even motivational tools. (Check out all my boards to see what I mean!)

For instance: I have an “inspirational quotes” board where I pin cute little motivational sayings. Sometimes it’s just for a pick-me-up and sometimes it really speaks to my heart. When I’m having a bad day I can look back on some of those boards and say “Yeah! Get over it!” It helps me to move on. (I would also point out that my Bible helps me do this same thing too – and many of my pinned quotes are Bible verses as well.)

I came across this one the other day:

Looking forward!

Why didn’t someone tell me this little gem about ten years ago! Wow. Now, this isn’t to say that we can’t learn from our past or that, even, the past doesn’t affect us in some way. It does shape who we are, but if we continue to look back and “trip” mentally over the same old, same old – how will we ever move forward?

Back in 2002 my then fiancé decided to leave me. No notice. No complaints from him prior. He was just done. 45 days before our wedding. I was devastated to say the least. It created a whole series of events that fell down like a domino set and my life was never the same. I dwelled on the heartache and sadness for almost 5 years. Even after I met my soon to be husband, it stilled lurked in the dark corners of my mind. To some extent, I have let that moment create issues even in my marriage today, but my husband is a loving, kind, forgiving soul and he’s helped me work on it.

Here’s my point though: I did trip over that. I still do sometimes. Yes, I’m a fool because it’s behind me and what I have now is so much better tha that could have EVER been. And yet, I stumble.

God doesn’t want us to stumble. He wants to be the light unto my path (Psalm 119:105). He wants me to remember the past, but not trip over it constantly so He lights my way forward.

Here’s a great little saying I also found on Pinterest:

motivational quotes

Exactly. Moving forward people! Let go of the hurt, the pain, the sadness and see what’s in front of you. Are you possibly missing out on something terrific right in front of you because something behind you is blocking  you? Think about that – how can something behind you block your path unless you’re trying to go backwards?

I encourage you today to start looking ahead in your life. What goals do you hope to achieve, what things to you long for in your life and how can you get there? I guarantee you can’t get to them by looking backwards – seek what’s ahead and good luck!


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