Small Snippets About Sue


Although my thrice weekly rants are typically concerning my life in general, I realize that quite a few of my now 51 followers (Yay! Thanks!!) don’t know squat about me or why they should even be reading this blog. So, since the blog is about snippets of my life – I figured I’d do a little snippeting of ME.

I am almost forty, but have only been married five years. I was never married before. No, there isn’t anything (much) wrong with me, I just took a long time to find the right guy. And I did. We started off our relationship by chatting the night away by a fire, followed that up with several really long phone conversations and we haven’t stopped chatting away with one another since.

We have no kids. We don’t want kids. No, really, I will not change my mind once I have my own. Doesn’t that seem to be an odd what if? Oh let’s just pop out a kid and see, shall we? Then we’ll decide! Uh. No. We have two gorgeous god daughters whom we devote a lot of time and we adore equally, but it’s not for us. For one, John likes to sit around in his underwear – how would that go with a child. Therapy – lots of therapy. Just kidding! He doesn’t always sit around in his underwear.

I didn’t start writing until about three years ago. That’s probably why you catch so many grammar mistakes and missing commas (right Roberta?) A friend (see aforementioned Comma Queen) told me I had stories to tell and I should write them down. I foolishly listened to her, got published and am now hooked. I’ve always been creative though – my BA is in Graphic Design – and I journaled a lot as a teen, but I never gave it the structure that I do now. Seriously, you should read some of those journals. For someone who never had many boyfriends there sure are a lot of guys names in there. I bet the poor slobs never knew they were so invested in my life.


Me at my first writer’s conference. I was terrified I would be pointed out as a sham, but these people took me in and called me “writer.”

I’ve always been a negative person. Now, hopefully, that doesn’t come across here because I’m working hard at finding joy, happiness and the positive aspects of life. I try, I think successfully, to drown out the little voices in my head that have all the crazy, irrational thoughts and write down what I think people truly want to read. Someday maybe I’ll write down what the voices say – I think some people, women especially, would relate, but I also think they might call in the men with the white coats.

I saw on another blog that someone said if they won the lottery they would buy a plot of land and put a no kill animal shelter on it. Then they’d hire people to do the work and spend their day cuddling the animals. (check it out here.) Ah yep. Sounds just like how I’d spend it. Except mine would be only dogs. I’m allergic to cats and can’t cuddle them so what’s the point? Can you imagine?


Cuddling with fluffy, wet nosed, exuberant and joyful puppies all day. Puppies!!! *author has left to go to her happy place*


Oh, sorry about that. Back to reality!

Anyway, those are the tip top snippets about me. My brain is thinking about puppies now and I can’t think of other things to write. There is a lot going on in my brain at all times though so be on the lookout for another one of these in the future. Perhaps you’ll learn more about me and perhaps it encourages you to keep reading or maybe writing your own story.

Now go out and find some joy! (like puppies…)


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