The Great Toilet Paper Debate… again.


One of my pet peeves is how to attach a toilet paper roll to the holder. This is a very heated topic of debate among others too. Just do a search for “toilet paper debate” and you’ll have a day’s worth of arguments for both sides to sift through. I found over 47 million results when I Googled it! I wish there were a way to combine the statistics on all those sites and see how many people agree with the under and how many agree with the over.

In any event, this is a much heated topic of debate both at my home and in my work office (and between my childhood friend and I, but we’ve managed to maintain our friendship despite being on opposite sides of this very important, and, of course, life changing, debate.) So I decided it was time to put my opinion out here once and for all.

The roll should always be under. If you think about it, it’s just common sense and common practice. It applies to other towels on holders too – they should always come from under.

Here is my proof:

This is just one of the many pictures I received when I did a simple “towel holder” search on Google. It was what I expected to find. I’ve noticed that in almost every bathroom across America that I have used – the paper towels are positioned in the holder so that the paper comes from under the roll. The more bathrooms I visited, the more I became convinced that my way of thinking was, indeed, the right one. (Except for those dumb air dryers and the towel dispensers that come from the middle of the roll, who thought that one through, every single bathroom I have been in has the towel dispensing from under the roll. And don’t even get me started about the bathrooms that just have a roll of paper sitting on the counter, sopping up all excess water slopped around by inconsiderate bathroom users.)

Another example – this one of an actual roll of T.P.:


And do you know why this works best? Do you?! Let me tell you, my friends, because I am here to educate and enlighten. Because when you rip off the section you want, in your most intimate, pants-down, I need some T.P. right this minute moments, most people rip in a right to left, down to up motion. And when you need that sheet what do you want? Just a clean tear, right? Do you want half the paper to come spiraling off the roll, leaving you with a wad of Angel Soft piling up on the floor? No Sir! You want a clean tear, the size that is just enough to wipe your sorry… but you get my point.

The roll being positioned above the sheet helps to hold the sheet so it rips properly. (duh)

Because the way I’ve described is the way most people rip their sheets, this was invented:

This metal piece helps to rip the sheet of toiler paper when someone, of lesser intelligence obviously, has chosen to improperly attach the roll to the holder. This device would not be needed, if we could all just agree that under is the proper attachment method. But, I guess, for those folks at the bottom end of the intelligence spectrum, this was needed. Just like the little signs that say “Caution, Hot coffee” are needed on piping hot cups served at the McD’s every morning.

In any event, I hope I have shed a little more appropriate light onto this subject and we can finally put this one to rest as it is obvious that my opinion is the most rational.


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