Why Doesn’t God Do Anything?

Life and Happiness

The other day I heard this song by Matthew West called “Do Something.” It speaks of a man who is fed up with the horrible injustices of this world. He sees poverty, child slavery, and all the other bad things around us. He feels like maybe we will never dig ourselves out from this mess. I think it’s a common feeling many of us have on a daily basis.

This is one of the beginning lines:

“I shook my fist at heaven and said God, why don’t you do something?”

How often have we thought that same thing. Why doesn’t God do something. How can He sit around and watch us fall into despair, slip into the blackness, and falter day after day after day. When will the bad people of this world be brought to justice? When will God throw down his judgement to these unlawful so we can live more peaceably, more fruitfully and without the terrors that invade our lives?

Then the lyrics say that God replies to the man:

“I did. I created you.”


SLAP! Right across my face. The song is meant, I’m sure, to be a wake up call for us all. It goes on to say “If not us, then who? If not me, then you. Right now!” Yes, God is the final judgement and Yes, He is the lawmaker, but we are here, living out our lives on this planet, not to simply get by and live centrally focused on ourselves. NO, we are here to spread His love and to help those who need it. The video shows a variety of people holding up signs. One says “serve”, one says “rebuild”, another “show Christ’s love” and yet an even simpler one: “smile”.

How often do we go through our days, so focused on our own needs, or our own desires and fail to even smile at another human being. Have you ever noticed that a smile given to another person will often result in a smile given back? Try it sometime. Maybe it’s all that person needs today – to just know that someone cares or even that someone has simply noticed them. It’s small, but it’s free and we can all do it.


Share a smile or a laugh – it’s guaranteed to spread.

Another card in the video proclaims “plant seeds of hope” – it sounds hard doesn’t it? And yet, a smile could do that. A hug could give hope. Even a gentle, comforting word can often bring hope. Such simple things, but we have no idea the impact they might have on that one person.

We’re always seeking that lightening bolt from the heavens to wipe out all the bad.

Maybe wiping out the bad starts with multiplying the good.

So next time you yell at God – “Why don’t you do something!” – turn that sentence back on yourself and go do something.


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