Weird Things I Think About

Life and Happiness

Are you like me? Do you have weird, irrational thoughts that run through your brain at the oddest times? Maybe my irrational behavior will help you ignore your own today and we can share a laugh. Let’s explore.

1) I never look at a cop. Even though I’ve never done anything wrong – legally – in my entire life, I never look at them. Not when they are passing me on the highway. Not when they are sitting somewhere on the side of the road. Not when they pass me by while I’m walking. It’s like I’m afraid they will look at me and be like “That girl has done something” and arrest me. The bad part is: a member of our church is the town police chief. I see him in church and at church meetings/functions. I can’t look at him.

2) I get irritated (okay only slightly really) when the toilet paper is hung the wrong way (see my post about that here.) Not even that – when I’m going in someone else’s bathroom… why is that all that I notice and think about? Seriously. I care more about the stupid toilet paper roll than how clean the bathroom itself is. I’ve gone in some nasty places (not friends houses – public ones mostly) and yet, I can overlook that, but if the paper is hung wrong… look out! (FYI – this is something my Pastor would call a “joy stealer.” I’m letting my irrational thoughts about paper ruin my usually otherwise delightful experience.)

3) Our neighbors open and close their car doors an inordinate amount of times. When arriving back from somewhere it sounds like a whole clown college getting out of their tiny Impala. Seriously… I didn’t know that car had that many seats… or that many doors. Are people getting out of the trunk now? That sounded like the trunk. I venture a peek out the window. One person. Really? One person is making all this racket? I watch with interest. She takes one bag out of the back seat, slams the door, then something from the front seat, slams the door… then back to the back seat…slams the door. Why can’t you get all your crap out, set it on the sidewalk (or your porch which is about 3 steps away and then close the doors. A maximum of 5 (including said trunk) doors would be shut. Gad, now she’s back to the front seat and is seemingly starting all over. Another joy stealer I guess. Back to my blogging…

4) What is in hot dogs?

5) or spam?

… Do we want to know?

6) Why is the number thirteen so unlucky? I was born on the 13th – does that make me unlucky? It would explain a lot truly, although much of my life has been pretty good. Or was it unlucky for my mother? She certainly thinks so some days. I’ve heard various reasons – all kind of lame is you ask me. Here’s a, kind of humorous, post of 13 reasons why people think 13 is unlucky. I feel like I’ve been saddled with this number my whole life and, yet, I didn’t pick it. And, frankly, I’ve had some really good birthdays and even some good Friday the 13ths (I was born on a Wednesday though.) Maybe those of us born on the 13th day of the month repel all the superstitious stuff associated with the number 13! That’s a cool thought.

7) Why do dogs smell themselves? Is it like when we smell our armpits for stench? But my dog smells his you-know-what, usually right after he pees. I mean, that’s kind of gross. Doesn’t he know his own smell by now? What is he sniffing for?

Well speaking of which, he has to go out now. Guess my typing about it made him have to go. What weird things do you think about?


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