Why I Sometimes Hate Computers

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Normally I am a big fan of computers. I grew up using them, I’m pretty savvy at using them and I even have a blog! (Who knew!?) Frequently my older co-worker uses me as his tech person and I can typically fix my own issues without calling on a tech. Plus, when a tech does fix my stuff, I watch. Then in the future, I try to employ what they did so I don’t have to call them again. Usually, it works.

So when I decided to sign up for Audible.com and download a few audio books, I thought it wouldn’t be any issue. Boy, was I wrong.

Saturday morning rolled around and my hubby was off to “work the lawn” with the promise of Spring (finally!) so I had the whole morning to myself to accomplish a whole slew of things. I was amped. One thing on my list was to select an audio book (harder than I had anticipated) and download it. I wanted to be sure I could burn it to a CD and be able to listen to it on multiple platforms. Easy peasy right?


Almost an hour later (after picking the actual book) I was still trying to make it work. Not only do you go through the arduous task of picking the best books (seriously, make sure you listen to a sample of each book. A book you think you might like to read is not the same as a book read to you. Depending on who is reading it makes all  the difference. Listen to the sample!), but you also need to download, like, two programs just to listen to the damn thing.

I wanted to burn a CD. So I had to download the Audible Manager. And Itunes. I… tunes. I’m a PC gal, baby. PC all the way. Do you know what it took for me to download an Apple product? Do you? I don’t think you do. That almost was the straw that broke this PC girls back. But I did it. To get my measly free audio book and one cheap one that I thought looked good.


PC all the way, baby.

But after an hour I was beginning to wonder if I would ever listen to either of these books. I-tunes took forever to load. Audible Manager was a nightmare. It froze up on me twice – once during the download and once while trying to download the book (I went to take a shower and it was still downloading… my first clue.) And then, I seemed to only need the I-tunes in the end anyway.

The I-tunes tried to upload all the music on my computer first and I was able to stop it. I didn’t want the stupid program to play my music after all, I just wanted it for this dumb book! But I could find no button that led to burning a CD. I even did a Google search to no avail.



There are my two books on Audible… if only I could actually listen to them.

I finally gave in and contacted the Audible tech through online chat. My last resort.

But guess what? Ernesto took about five minutes to get me to CD burning status.

Five. Minutes.

Why do we resist help? Why do we waste time, running in circles, trying to find our own way? Inevitably someone else has done it before and can offer help – why don’t we accept it. Ernesto received a boatload of praise (after he first had a boatload of attitude. Sorry Ernesto.)

In order to let happiness filter more into our lives here is the lesson: Listen to the sample! Get advice from others when you can and listen to what it sounds like. It’s worth it for your sanity in the end.


4 thoughts on “Why I Sometimes Hate Computers

  1. Yep, Audible is pretty clunky when you’re trying to use it via PC. But it is fabulous when you load books directly to your phone or tablet. I use it ALL the time on my Android (not Apple) devices. They also have a great return program so if you buy a book, but don’t like the narrator, you can return it without a fuss and get a new book. Don’t let your PC experience turn you off of the awesomeness that is Audible. I have faith that someday they’ll see the vast audience they are excluding by making their PC experience so user unfriendly.

    1. The other issue I’ve learned though is that I really like to read books, but listening to them is odd… different preferences I guess. Thanks for the feedback though and for reading!!

  2. That’s great advice Sue. Yesterday I had a similar experience with a different program. After three hours, I looked at my husband and said, “Help”, he clicked on one thing and it was done. Sometimes we’ve just got to put our pride in our pockets and move on. Even though my husband helped me, I still felt the satisfaction of accomplishment.

    1. Agreed. I HATE to ask for help (LOL), but sometimes we have to and, if it gets done, then I’m happy. No matter how it got done. 🙂 (BTW – “Put our pride in our pockets” – I like that phrase! Sounds like a good blog title!)

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