Top Ten Things To Accomplish This Year

Life and Happiness

Well my title is a little delayed… since it is already almost May. However, I still think it’s important to set goals for ourselves – no matter what time of the year. So here are 10 of mine that my readers can help me with!

1) Finish my Flash Fiction Friday story. Maybe even self publish it on Amazon! It you don’t know what I’m referring to – start here and get reading! Also, I’d love your feedback.

2) Write another Chicken Soup for the Soul story and have it published. Actually write THREE and have at least TWO published. I achieved a long time dream of being published last year in CCFTS and I want to do it again. The Chicken Soup family of contributors is so amazing and I want to continue being part of that group. You can buy the book I’m published in here.


3) Finish the church basement remodeling project. Okay… nothing to do with writing, but it’s important for us all to have other interests. It makes us grow as writers! I’ve volunteered to remodel our church’s basement area to make it a safe, warm and inviting place for our children to learn. It’s a big space, but I’ve had a lot of help and encouragement. Our church truly is a giving kind of church so it’s been a blessing to work with these people. BUT it’s still a lot of work and I’m worried about not completing it or not doing it in a way that is glorifying to God. I call on Him everyday to help – and He has. My goal = to be finished with it by August.

4) Increase my followers on my blog and on Twitter. If you don’t follow me yet on Twitter – what are you waiting for! I just received my 100th follower recently and I’d love to expand. I love connecting with writers, readers and photographers so I follow a lot of those people back. I also love connecting with people of faith – all different kinds really, not just Christian. I think it’s important to have uplifting messages enter into our lives – Twitter is a great place for that. And I love that I can connect with people I’ve never met about common interests. It’s also easy for my “followers” (weird to say) to keep up on my latest posts there and all that’s going on in my joy filled world! Check me out here.


5) Win the “Outstanding CSR (Customer Service Rep) of the Year Award” – okay this is my day job thing, but I still want it. It’s related to the insurance biz, but I have to write an essay as part of the submission process so I think I might have a slight advantage. It’s good exposure if I win and is a pretty nice payout too. Stay tuned on this one.

6) Help make my writer’s group conference a success. I’m co-director (or directing assistant… whatever you want to title it) and in charge of publicity for this years conference. As I stated in Why Writing Conferences Are Awesome, it’s a great way to expand your base and your skills, meet new people and learn new things. I want to make our conference bigger and better every year. I want people to come and learn and be blessed by it. If you want to know more about our conference drop me a line and I’ll keep you in the loop!

WBCW3 logo (2)

7) Spend more time with our god daughters. They grow up too fast and I don’t want to miss out. It seems like every time I see them they have grown by large measures. The oldest will start school this year and I am anxious to watch her learn and hear what interests her most. I’ve already been trying hard to get to more soccer practices and gymnastic nights so I think I’m doing well on this goal. The smile on her face makes it worthwhile even if it means staying up later to get other things in my life done. And even though my husband and I don’t want kids of our own – it’s so joyful to have these two in our lives. They enrich it in ways we’d never imagined.

8) Come to a place of relaxed confidence. Okay – I’m pretty sure this one will not happen this year. It’s been 40 years of this hyper tense personality and I don’t think it’s going to go away so easily, but it’s a goal. I seriously don’t relax. Hardly ever. It’s very exhausting and, yet, I can’t let things go. If someone can teach me how to relax – I’m all ears.

9) Watch Jimmie Johnson win another Championship. Go Jimmie! #se7en


Why, yes, this is me with Jimmie Johnson. Thanks for asking.


10) Take my hubby to see a race at Dover, DE – as part of my goal above. This one IS already happening – we’re going in September. 🙂

So there you have it. Not too lofty… totally achievable. It’s important to set achievable goals so we don’t get weighed down with depression when one or two don’t happen. I know several of these are less obtainable than others, but I also know that if I do achieve them – it’ll be that much sweeter. Have you forgotten or failed at your New Year’s goals? Make some news ones – start over – no one is going to judge. We’re all taking it day by day. I, for one, am working towards several of these and I plan on making at least half come to fruition! How about you?



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