Why Twitter is better than Facebook

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A lot of people have their own opinions about all the social media sites that are out there these days. I think a lot of it has to do with the level of experience for each user and what they deem more important to them. Recently, I’ve become quite the fan of Twitter and I’m learning all sorts of new ways to connect with people on it. I love it and I think it’s better than Facebook. Here are five reasons why:

1) Twitter is a better connecting space. Almost everybody I follow and who follows me on Twitter is someone I don’t know. Now, to some, that can be a really scary experience. Some people, like my husband, are afraid of “the man” or “big brother” getting to know all their dirty little secrets. I am not one of those people. 1) I don’t have a bunch of secrets to share and 2) I have a blog where I share most of them anyway. On Facebook, it’s almost all people I already know. They know what’s going on in my life and what I’m writing – they don’t need to see it on Facebook. By engaging people that I don’t know on Twitter, but that have similar interests (like writing, blogging, etc.) I can increase my “fan base.” Now, I’m not ready to write a best selling novel just yet, but I am interested in doing it someday. When that day comes I hope I’ve connected with enough folks that will want to read said book. And, in turn, I want to read their stuff too. But without Twitter I probably never would have connected with these people because they aren’t necessarily in my circle of “friends.”


2) Hashtags are cool. Again, not everyone thinks this about hashtags. In fact, a lot of folks I know can’t seem to get the hang of them at all. But I LOVE them. All you have to do is pick the right hashtag and you suddenly have a whole slew of new people seeing your stuff. I’ve used #blessed, #joyfullife, #thingsmyhusbandsays (a real hoot – look into it!), #pensyltucky, #amwriting (a really LARGE group of writers use this – it’s great for networking), #quotes, and a few that just didn’t make the grade. It’s hit or miss mostly with these, but once you find a few you like and start connecting with people of the same ilk – it’s worth it.

3) You can get celebs to talk to you! Okay, this one is kind of dumb I’ll admit it, but it’s also a momentary high when it works for you. My hubby bought me a hoodie from Drita Davanzo from Mob Wives (I don’t support the mob lifestyle – she’s a woman who’s husband supposedly was in the mob, but now she’s a businesswoman with two little girls she’s trying to build a real life for… and I support that.) So I tweeted that he had bought me this awesome hoodie and I tagged her in the tweet with a pic. She replied! And retweeted it! And favorited it! And I got a few new followers from it. So. Awesomeness for me all around. You can do it too – just make it legit. Don’t be a stalker.


4) You can learn a lot on Twitter. I follow a number of folks on Twitter that post informative things about how to increase your followers, how to make the best use of Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media sites; and how to just do more. There is a plethora of  people whose sole purpose is to get information out there. They tell all of us newbies and people who don’t have time what the newest technologies are and what the best way to connect with all these new “friends” is, and where I can publish my short story, where I can find an editor, what websites are useful and which ones are a waste of time. It can be a real learning annex-type space. Ideas and information is shared daily… heck every minute! Other people have done some of the legwork for me! I love it!

5) There isn’t a lot of waste or drama. Lately, on Facebook, I’ve noticed that it’s a lot of garbage. I think that has to do with how we’ve been trained to use FB. We share funny photos and little excerpts of shtuff, but we don’t say anything about it. On Twitter you only have 140 characters…and I think a lot of people make the most of that. When I first started writing I was taught to write Christian devotionals. And it’s hard. Most devos are, at max, 250 words. Try condensing everything you’ve ever wanted to say about how God has changed you in some way… in 250 words. It’s not easy. Now try doing it in 140. And add in a hashtag word. You learn to really say only the most important things. What do you want to say to the world – in 140 characters. It makes you think and challenges your brain! Sure you can retweet people’s stuff – and I do – but I don’t follow people who only do that. It’s boring. Just like Facebook. Except on Twitter I can not follow you and you won’t be offended because we weren’t “friends” to begin with. On Facebook you have that… looming over you. If I have a friend who only posts crap… shares of stupid videos and dumb puppy pictures… if I “defriend” them they get offended. We’re not friends in real life perhaps anymore. It’s crazy. I just don’t like what you post – it isn’t about you personally! Again, on Twitter, I don’t know you to begin with. No drama.

In any event, it’s a social world and, I think, it’s going to be the wave of the future. It’s going to, and already has, change marketing and our work environments. There are a lot of choices – I’ve only touched on the two, perhaps, largest avenues here, but there are plenty more. For now, I’m on the Twitter bandwagon and I like it. It’s working for me.

What is working for you and why do you love your particular social media outlet?


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