Weekly Word Challenge: Friendship

Life and Happiness

I follow this blog which has a Weekly Word Challenge. This week’s challenge is to blog about friendship. It’s a pretty open category, but I really wanted to do it because I have experienced some really great friendships throughout my life.

Even though friends have come and gone in my life, I count myself lucky to have met every one I have because it has shaped who I am and what kind of friend I am today. There have been some who have had positive and negative impacts in my life.

Those that have been negative helped me to understand the following:

1) That everyone has their issues.

2) That we need to be supportive to others even when they aren’t always supportive of us.

3) Sometimes it’s okay to let these type of friends go if they begin to drag you down. Sometimes we can’t help every friend to get out of their funk. We do our best and, if it isn’t clicking, it’s okay to move on. Perhaps another friend will come along and be the right ying to their yang.

From the positive friends I’ve learned:

1) How to be positive – duh.

2) That sometimes you need to look at the other side of the coin in order to get out of your own funk. They can’t always cheer you up, but they can help you see another side.

I have a new friend in my life who has been having a lot of problems in her life. She has every right to feel down, doubt herself and just, in general, be depressed. Life has been knocking her in the face pretty repeatedly for more than a year now. She keeps getting back up, but then life seems to hit again. She’s struggling. I feel for her and she is a lovely, loving and worthy of love person. And I’ve been where she is with a lot of the self doubt and low self esteem.

Then I have another friend in my life who, no matter what happens in her life, she has the knack of seeing the up side. Not much gets her down. She’s been through a lot in her life and she’s just decided to not sweat the small stuff. She knows, because she’s experienced it, that life will continue and things will have ups and downs. When I was at my lowest point a few years ago, and even to this day when I’m down on life, she picks me up. I see the flip side of the coin every. single. time. she speaks to me. And we’ve been friends for over twelve years now mainly because of this fact.

This past weekend I introduced these two to one another.

Within seconds my “up” friend had my “down” friend laughing. I stepped back and let it happen. What a great moment. Friends meeting friends and beginning a whole new relationship where one can help the other. I wanted my “new” friend to experience the uplifting vibe of my “old” friend. I said “You need this lady in your life. When I’m feeling down – she picks me right up.”

After my “old” friend walked away, my other friend said “I think you’re right, I need more of her in my life!”

What a beautiful thing. That’s friendship – supporting one another, loving one another, and bringing out the best in one another. Even introducing one friend to another because you KNOW that they’ll bring out the best in each other or they can learn from one another.

Friends come and go, some stay a little longer than others, but I’ve learned a lot from every single one that has entered my life. I love meeting new people because I know they will enhance who I am and that I might learn a thing or two.

What have your friends meant to you and how do you encourage, uplift or enhance your friends lives?


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