Another Day, Another Headache

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I spent my whole work week looking forward to this past weekend. For the first time in a LONG time my husband and I had very little planned to do. Typically we pack the two days of our weekend with so much stuff that we need a weekend from our weekend.

This one was different. We had next to nothing planned and I was excited. Plus, I had almost a half day committed to helping a friend learn more about her social media life. And, trust me, that isn’t work for me, especially with this friend – I knew it would be a blast.

Then on Saturday I awoke with a headache. I shrugged it off, took some medicine and went about my day. I have bouts of frequent headaches, but I was sure the meds would kick in and my weekend of blissful relaxation would commence.

Not so.

My hubby and I did some minor chores and did some shopping. By mid day my head felt like a block of wood gripped in a tight vise. The medication hadn’t done much.

So I took more. And then we had lunch. I felt slightly better, but came home and lay down on the living room floor for awhile. The dog liked that and he got a boatload of attention, but it didn’t really help with the pain.

The headache had subsided to a dull roar when I left for my friend’s house. We had a blast and I forgot about my headache for a few hours. The husband’s joined us and we had a delightful dinner, but at about 8PM I could take no more. The headache had come back full force and I begged the hubby to head home.

I was in bed a little after 9 and slept until about 8 the next morning. Obviously, I had been plagued by something, but Sunday morning came and I felt refreshed.

At last, at least part of my weekend would be saved.

Again – not so.


Photo courtesy of Flickr

We spent the afternoon at a local amusement park (Knoebels in Elysburg, PA – check it out. Best food EVER.), but we were only there about an hour before the headache started in again.

I felt like I had robbed both my friends and my husband of my best self this weekend due to this horrific headaches. I’m just not my self when they hit. As we speak, I’m still nursing this one and contemplating getting out the “big” migraine meds.

It pisses me off to be honest.



Photo courtesy of Flickr

Why can’t I spend a simple weekend without having some kind of pain? Where do this damn things come from? (Excuse my language – this just goes to prove how peeved I truly am about these things.)

I used to suffer from migraines in my early 20’s and early 30’s. Will my early 40’s be the same? I shudder to consider it.

What about you – how many of you suffer from migraines? What have you found to be the causes or remedies? I need your help! Please share.


7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Headache

  1. I like your honesty – if you ‘try’ to be upbeat, but aren’t, you risk coming off as inauthentic. I would also ask if you’ve sought medical help for the migraines (probably have). If it’s a chronic condition you live with, perhaps write about that. I’m sure you are not alone. I, for one, enjoyed the post.

    1. Thanks Wendy. This is one of my more “authentic” posts, but I always feel like if I’m a “downer” people won’t read. I do think that being inauthentic isn’t worth it either – people can sense that. Thanks for your input. Since this posting my doctor and I determined the migraines were actually coming from a blocked eustacian tube in my ear so I’m on meds to clear that up now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Sue. migraines are dreadful things – I know from experience. They are more common than we might think, yet no-one really knows what causes them. There will be good days, when the migraine monkey doesn’t get you, it doesn’t work all the time but I find that if I try and wind down slowly, avoid alcohol, and retire to be early, the chances of the migraine attack are less. For me, they strike when I suddenly slow to a dead stop after a busy schedule – I suspect, though have no evidence, that the adrenaline crash has something to do with it. Thank you for being brave enough to share some very real and very raw experiences, all I can say is that you are not alone.

    1. Yes, they think mine has come, this time, from some ear issues. Possibly a blocked eustacian tube. I think you’re on the right track with trying to find the root cause and trying to avoid that. I wish I could get the ear unblocked so I could stop having mine. They have been less, but I’m starting with a low grade headache today praying it doesn’t get worse. Thanks for your comment!

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