Finding Peace

Life and Happiness

As I sit contentedly in my kitchen this morning eating a breakfast of english muffin with peanut butter (one of my faves), I start to relax into the lovely morning sounds.

Birds chirping – now that I’m awake and out of bed, it’s okay for them to be bellowing out their tunes. In fact, their chirping is actually quite lovely, now that I’ve had my shower and a bit of breakfast in me.

The long, slow horn of a train passes through town. We get about thirteen trains a day. It might seem like a lot to some, but you get used to them. In fact, during the winter we don’t notice them as much with the windows closed. When spring comes, and open windows along with it, the horns reverberate through the house again, but we don’t mind usually. This is where we live. It’s part of the ambiance. It hearkens back to a simpler time. I bet in our grandparents time there were a lot more trains and I bet they barely noticed them at all. It’s always kind of a sad sound – the horn – but the way it sings out across the miles signifies it’s importance in our lives. It’s bringing coal and dry goods still to towns that cannot get to it otherwise.

However, the trains are not good at 2am in the morning, but at 8am… it’s a quaint reminder of where I live.

Even our rogue pigeon is getting in on the “noise” this morning. He coos and coos and then coos some more. He sounds like he’s on his last legs really, the cooing kind of fading off near the end, like he’s being dropped off a cliff, but we’ve seen him and he’s quite robust for a pigeon. We think he’ll go on to irritate us with the odd cooing for years to come. Nothing more irritating that his cooing usually, but this morning all is right with the world.

Then… a noise that doesn’t fit. Is that a wood chipper? Did I transport to Fargo suddenly? It shatters my peaceful morning soliloquy. The unnatural sound pierces through my thoughts again, drowning out the birds and their song. It’s 8am folks. Put down the power tools and enjoy this spring morning!

The wood chipper fades, but then hammers take its place. Then a lawn mower begins.

It’s a new work day… my peace is over for now. Maybe later, when the work day is done, I’ll sit on the porch and listen to the cicadas sing their tune to end my day.

What peaceful moments do you relish in?


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