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This past weekend I helped a friend dip her toe into the social media pool. She already had her own blog and Facebook page, but was astonished at how adept I was at Twitter and keeping up with my own blog posts. So I told her I’d come for an afternoon of social media training and she could make me dinner. She readily agreed.

Once she set up her laptop, her smartphone and her little book o’passwords we got started. (Although it was hysterical that every time we needed to log into something she had to go back to her little book. “Oh Damn,” she said, “Another password…. hold on!” LOL)

Once she was prepared, we started with Twitter.

“I just don’t get the hashtag thing,” she said exasperated. (This has to be the most common complaint about Twitter and I think, frankly, that people stress about it too much. It’s really not rocket science.)

So I told her to just start thinking of what the general post was about and put it into a hashtag.

“So you like to post a lot of decorating tips or DIY things for your real estate business right? So when it’s a decorating tip just use #decoratingtip or #DIYdecorating.”

I showed her a sample tweet tagging her and using a hashtag related to her business.

She squealed with delight. I’m not kidding. Squealed.

Like I had opened up the entire world to her.

You could just see it click in her head.

(So THIS is why teachers love what they do so much…)

I gave her several other tips and tricks and she seemed to catch on quick. We set up links on her blog to her Twitter and Pinterest accounts and even set her up with Instagram. (At one point she may have clapped in delight.) And I showed her my secret of scheduling tweets and blog posts. You should have seen that look on her face. It was like I had uncovered the secret of the Holy Grail to her.

We did this all in the span of 2 hours and I was rewarded with grilled steak, corn on the cob and dessert (my husband enjoyed the fruits of my labor as well.) I was astonished how quickly we went through things and how easily she seemed to keep up. Certainly it was all a ruse and we’d be going over these same things again in a few months… perhaps weeks. I could see it already “How did you do that again?” she would innocently inquire.

After I left that evening I wondered how swiftly she would catch on and was prepared to have another little refresher session with her whenever she wanted.

Within one week my doubts were set aside. She began posting regularly using the tips I had shown her and even adding in her own hashtags! I think she might be posting more often than I am now!

I never fancied myself a teacher, but I must say I am quite proud of my pupil and she’s given me the confidence to perhaps start teaching more often (especially if free dinner and other monetary incentives are given.) It goes to show you that with a little help and simple instruction we all can learn new ideas to enhance our lives and maybe even our careers.

What can you teach to someone today?

If you, your friend, or a group of friends is interested in having me teach you my Social Media Tips and Tricks, please visit my Speaking and Teaching page or my Contact Sue page to learn more.


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