Addicted to Instagram


“Hi, my name is Sue and I’m addicted to Instagram.”

“Hi Sue!”

Well, not all of Instagram per se… just the dogs of Instagram really. For those of you who are not big Instagram fans, let me explain. Instagram is a social media site that utilizes photos as it’s main “feed”. You can follow your friends like on Twitter and Facebook or follow others you come across. I started following a lot of my friends and I love all the glimpses into their daily lives, but then I checked out the “explore” page… this was the beginning of my addiction. On the “explore” page you can see other people that you don’t follow. At first it gives you photos of people with similar hashtags that you’ve used or that are popular in your country, or that your friends follow. As you start to follow others and “love” their photos (similar to “like” on Facebook) this explore page starts to evolve. It gives you more and more photos of the things you love.

So… it started innocently enough. I saw a dog photo and I “loved” it. Then I found a couple more I liked and then I started following a few. (One is rizzo_thelittleweiner – he’s a daschund and he’s adorable.) As I followed more and more my explore page began to fill up with only pictures of dogs. Now it’s mostly just dog photos and not much of anything else.

I follow kimberlyboshold who is a hairdresser and has adopted a pit bull named Cole. Now not only is Cole adorable – he is also handicapped. He has no front legs.

This is one of her pics – not mine. But I’d love to meet Cole someday.

Kimberly adopted him from the pound – they were going to euthanize him – and she has given him a new lease on life. Cole goes to therapy for his body strength and she has documented it all on Instagram. Needless to say – she and Cole are pretty popular on Instagram and I love them too. (Check out this article about little Cole. You too will be addicted.) It’s heartwarming to see these pics of his progress day after day.

Once I followed Cole and his mommy, I started seeing other pets who had been disfigured and adopted. So I started following some of them. Journeyofnana is another pit bull who had been bred repeatedly and without rest over and over again until she could no longer breed. They pulled out her teeth and cut off her ears. Then her new mom got her and things changed (read all about it here.) Now she lives out her days as an Instagram star and spokes-pup for cruelty to animals.

Before I knew it I was seeing a lot of dogs on my Instagram feed. And guess what? It made me happy.


I’ve posted a few of my own pup on Instagram too. It’s amazing how many “loves” I get for him and not other stuff. Guess maybe Max should have his own Instagram page!

Some days I go to my Instagram app and scan through the pups just for a smile. When life is beating me up – these puppies make my day and pups like Cole and Nana remind me that no matter what life hands you – you can persevere.

Recently my husband has been telling everyone: “When she’s old, decrepit, in the nursing home and senile, I’ll follow a bunch of dogs on Instagram for her and just set her there with her phone. At least she’ll be happy.”

He’s right. Heck… I’m doing that now! It really brightens my day and gives a little pep to my step. When I find a new one I squeal with delight and shove the phone in my husband’s face, demanding he see how adorable each and every pup is. Sometimes I use my “puppy voice” (ask sometime – I’ll let you listen) and just ogle the screen. Sometimes the adorable factor is so off the charts… I may or may not try to snuggle the phone.

It could be worse – I could be addicted to drugs or money or fame… instead it’s puppies. I think I’ll be okay.

What harmless guilty pleasure are you addicted to?


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