A Little Rain Never Hurt Anyone


“Let’s get out of here!” my co-worker decided at 4:30, bolting from his office and frantically turning off office lights, closing blinds and, essentially, heading for the hills.

“Oh my Lord, you’re right!” I exclaimed, hand held up to my forehead, “Look at those clouds! There’s a storm a loomin’ and we’re all gonna die!”

I clutched my chest and swooned back into my chair, gasping for air.

Okay. No. I didn’t do that. I sat in my non-ergonomic desk chair, fingers poised over my keyboard, watching his scurrying about with fascination instead.

He was right of course, a storm was about to hit and it probably wouldn’t be a Spring sprinkle. But unfortunately, we were open until 5 and I’m not someone who bilks on my responsibilities just because of a little rain.

So I sat still and tried to exude the calmest demeanor I could in contrast to his Chicken Little impersonation. He looked at me once as if to say “Why aren’t you movin’ woman!?”, but then continued out the door without a further glance back.

I could almost hear his car tires throwing up stones in his wake.

As the storm rolled in, and the boss called in at 4:50 (glad I didn’t close up shop early!), I thanked God that I had brought my umbrella in from the car. When it was time to go I quickly locked the door (my co-worker had closed up everything else) and sprinted to my car.

It wasn’t too bad so I drove off to the gym to meet up with my hubby. When I got to the gym it was another story.


I was slightly concerned I might see Noah float by, the real guy not Russell Crowe, or perhaps a few of the animals. I texted my husband to see how long he had remaining in his workout.

How long do you have left in there? It’s raining buckets out here – is it worth me coming in?

I have 40 minutes left he texted back.

Damn. Guess I was going in.


After steeling myself for the onslaught of rain and wind, I flung open the car door and sprinted, once again (I don’t think I even needed to go to the gym at this point) to the front door.

Although my shoes got mighty soaked, I was no worse off. I held up my responsibilities to my boss (by staying until 5) and myself (by getting to the gym) and I felt good about the accomplishments.

Plus, I had it to gloat over my male co-worker that I had “braved” the storm, when he had fled the scene like a little girl. There’s that.



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