Fitting a square pizza into a round pan


What is with all the square frozen pizzas now? Seriously, I have a round pizza pan that I’ve had since birth (okay maybe not quite that long, but a long durn while…) and now every time my husband brings home a frozen pizza it’s a square one that doesn’t fit on the stupid thing. Recently he brought one home that didn’t even fit on any of my cookie sheets so I had to do the thing right on the oven rack, which my husband can’t stand because “It’ll drop crap onto the bottom of the oven and then we’ll smell it every time we cook anything.”

Which, incidentally, is usually only a frozen pizza. I rarely use my oven. Not that I don’t cook mind you, but I typically do meals on top of the stove, not in the oven. I have my own quirky issues and one is starting up the oven to cook a small casserole when I can accomplish the same thing – or a close proximity – on the stove top and use less electricity. OR use my toaster oven. There are only two of us, after all, in this household.

But these square pizzas are killing me. I might have to go out and buy a square pan. And, I bet, that’s exactly what the pizza barons (get it?) want us to do – spend more money on additional pans! Then, when they have us tricked into only using the square ones, and we’ve discarded our round pans, they’ll switch back!

I’m on to your pizza barons! I shall not relegate my round pan that has been with me through thick and thin (pizza)!

But I might go buy a square one.


3 thoughts on “Fitting a square pizza into a round pan

  1. That square pizza thing made a brief appearance in the UK – but consumers didn’t buy them, so the round ones remain! You will just have to move here!

      1. I only just saw your reply – months later for some reason! The weather is unpredictable – never sure in the summer whether I need an umbrella or sun block!

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