Where is my rest?

Life and Happiness

Today’s blog post is coming to you from my slap dash life. Typically I write my posts at least a day ahead (shocking, I know), but late last night I realized: I hadn’t written anything for today.

In the last two weeks alone I’ve traveled to and from Missouri, been the busiest I’ve ever been at my day job (with little to no help from the co-workers who apparently think I’m Super Woman), helped with a church remodeling project, hosted my in-laws for several days, been sick and then, yesterday, my dog got sick. Really sick. My pooch is my fur baby. It’s been with me through thick and thin and when he hurts – I hurt.

To say it was the last straw is to say it mildly. I missed a large chunk of work to deal with his illness (he’s okay now) and missed posting this blog post.

But the die hard blogger that I am got up early today to get it out to my adoring fans. And this is why I say “Where is my rest?”

I don’t rest. I sleep. I get the requisite 8 hours or so. But I don’t rest. I’m beginning to think I don’t know how.

The Bible says to take rest in the Lord. Whelp… sadly one of the first things to go in my busy schedule is my devotions with God. So it’s hard to seek rest in Him, when some days I forget to chat with Him.

But I’ve been feeling run down and in need of rest. So. Here’s ends today’s blog – I’m going to go rest.

Tell me how you find rest. What do you cut out from your busy schedule in order to get things done that, perhaps, you need to add back in for that restful period?


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