Do you need solitude?

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Recently I joined the SITSgirls blogging community and they have posted “31 days of writing prompts for August.” While I’m not going to be blogging every day of August – I found this one prompt to really speak to me: Do you need solitude?

If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts you know that the answer is “YES!” So much so that I took drastic measures this week to obtain a little bit of the much needed solitude. After a particularly grueling and exhausting weekend, where little to no solitude or rest was found, I instituted the following rule: no cell phones, no TV, and no barrage of information after 8 pm.

Even when I thought I had been relaxing in past weeks, I realized that I had actually been filling up the time processing more and more information.

For example: When finally my work and chore day was over, I would take to the couch beside my husband and we’d play Candy Crush. We wouldn’t speak to one another and wouldn’t even look up until the “lives” (ours or the ones in Candy Crush… I’m not sure now) had been exhausted. As an hour or more past I would feel more exhausted then when I had started. Wasn’t this meant to be relaxing?

What I determined was this: my brain was still processing information and trying to solve problems (even non-existent Candy Crush “problems” like how to beat this level) instead of just letting my mind relax. Even when I was watching TV my brain wouldn’t shut down. I was mentally making lists of things that still needed doing. I couldn’t get the mass between my skull to give it a rest. And, frankly, I wasn’t letting it. I kept putting more in there instead.

Thus the 8 PM rule.

Now, for the last two nights, I’ve switched my phone off before 8 and haven’t turned on the TV. The first night my hubby sat with me on the front porch and enjoyed the unusually cool July weather. Last night we took a nice walk.

Solitude is not an easy chore though.

Even though I’ve put down the phone and the TV and everything else… my mind still goes. On more than one occasion my husband has had to say “I thought you were letting your mind relax?” Chastised, I’ve tried to make my brain comply.

It isn’t easy. But I do feel more relaxed and more at peace than I have in awhile. Things will get done and I don’t have to work from sun up till sun down to make it happen. I will achieve solitude in my lifetime… because I do need it.

How about you? Where do you find solitude and how do you achieve it?


2 thoughts on “Do you need solitude?

  1. Yes, yes and yes! Mine is in the rhythmic act of knitting socks while listening to books on audio. There is no real thinking involved (except when turning the heel), and I am gently carried away on the wings of unfolding narrative. I think this craving for alone-time is getting worse with age … ;D

    1. It’s different for everyone – knitting would NOT be my solitude, but my sister-in-law does that too! There is TOO much thinking involved in that for me. LOL Thanks for your comment!

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