How Not To Waste Time

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As many of you know I am in love with Pinterest. As are many of you, I’m sure. But today as I spent way too much time on the site I realized this: I was starting to feel overwhelmed and inferior.

Here’s why. First I starting looking for decorating tips for our new children’s church area at our church. And I found this:


And I got all excited. Yes!  I thought. I could totally do that!

But then it escalated.

Then this:

Forget paying $ 50-100+ for a rug! Buy a cheap one and decorate it yourself. This woman used a plain rug from Lowe's (only $ 24.98!), a stencil and white acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby (on sale!), and a foam roller. There are so many different color/design combinations you can use to inexpensively create a unique rug for your room.

Soon I was pinning out of control and racking up craft project after craft project that I knew I would obviously never have time to get done. Depressed, I shut down the site internally yelling at myself for being a loser who couldn’t accomplish anything.

I felt dejected and like a failure and I hadn’t even begun one single project! Ridiculous!

Pinterest is great for ideas, but I admit that I’ll never have time to accomplish all the great things I find on there. Then I realized that over an hour had passed. Not only had I not done anything except pin useless pins on Pinterest, I now had one less hour in my day!

So here are three tips I want to share for utilizing your time better and not wasting so much time.

1) Don’t put too much on your plate at once. My husband and I keep calendars – actual paper (I know *gasp!*) calendars on our fridge filled with our “to do” items. We space out our work and play time (I even schedule in my zumba classes so I don’t plan something else and miss out on good workout time!) equally so that we don’t get overwhelmed with so many things at once. It helps to not only keep things in perspective, but also to get things done. For me, I tend to think of all the things I need to accomplish and then fret over every single one, without actually doing any, until I’ve worked myself up so much that I’m exhausted. With the calendar we can say “Nope, we already have this to do on that day – can’t add anything else” as well as say “HEY! We did everything on the list today! Let’s go porch sit!” (or waste time on Pinterest… but the key is to only do those things when the major chores are done!)

2) Take one thing at a time and actually DO IT. I went back through some of my previous pins and noticed that I had, indeed, done some of them. To great success even. So I wasn’t a loser after all! I love pinning on Pinterest, but at some point you have to actually get to work. Maybe pick a month and say “I’m not going to pin anything new until I do at least five of the things I’ve already pinned.” Five things in one whole month is not a lot. It’s totally doable and at the end you’ll feel accomplished and proud of yourself. And maybe you can even write a blog post about your experience! Plus, it’s actually getting stuff done and using your time more wisely.

3) Don’t forget to get away from the computer. Things don’t get done in front of the computer… unless you’re a writer. If you want to craft or bake though – you have to actually step away from the computer long enough to do it. Time can fly by fast while in front of these boxes. Make sure you’re giving yourself an allotted time to spend so that you don’t look up and the day is gone. In fact, if you find that you waste time on things that aren’t productive (like Pinterest – as much as it pains me to say it) – set time limits on those things. Use a timer if you have to – in order to keep track of your time better.

Just some quick simple tips for making your time work for you!

Thanks for “wasting” some of your hard earned time on reading my post! What tips do you have for not wasting valuable time?


2 thoughts on “How Not To Waste Time

  1. I have a Pinterest board for: “Things I won’t do, but want to Pin Anyway” takes the pressure off 😛 Plus, I have to think of Pinterest as visually organized inspiration and not a to do list!

    1. That’s a great idea for a board! I like to accomplish things so it’s harder for me to NOT do the things I pin, but I am trying to say to myself “Will I ever really do that?” and, if not, then I don’t pin it at all. 🙂

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