Is work optional?

Life and Happiness

The Daily Post posed this question: If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?

This question intrigued me because I’ve been contemplating this very thing for awhile now. My husband recently took on a new job and, honestly, I could quit my job and we’d survive. (My eating out habit might have to come to an end, but bill-wise – we’d survive.) In fact, we’ve even “run the numbers” as my hubby likes to say and it’d work out – both a thrilling and terrifying concept.

I’ve never been a huge fan of work, but I’ve done it since I was about 17. What would I do with my day? Would I even be able to NOT work?

So first, I’m not sure money would ever be “out of the equation” for me. It’s not my love of the almighty dollar, but my fear of it. Lean times have come and gone – times not to be forgotten or taken lightly. Pinching every cent is really not the most stress-free way to live your life and if I don’t have to then why would I choose to? Even though I know we could technically survive on my husband’s salary – it even says so on paper – it’s a scary concept to just walk away from consistent paychecks. The chest pain and shortness of breath return, just like when I couldn’t pay a bill. Or put gas in my car. Or when friends want to get a “bite” to eat and then split the bill instead of just paying for what you got – and they got full three course meals when you just got a hot dog. My head (and chest) hurts just considering it.

However. If I could get off this whole fear of money thing then quitting my 9-5 would be at the top of my list. Dreams of owning my own company have haunted me for a long time, but I’ve never been able to pin down what the company would be. That’s a problem Ted. You can’t really strike out on your own without some sort of plan. I do freelance work on Fiverr and Guru and that works out nicely. No overhead costs. No employees to pay or manage (except myself which can be just as difficult as the most surly employee) and no set schedule. I could take a beautiful day like today off and just go… enjoy it! In the middle of the week! No more waiting for the weekend hoping and praying for a decent weather day in order to enjoy my life! What a concept. But right now – the whole money thing. The pay isn’t fabulous from these freelances gigs – certainly nothing to live on. What if John left me? Where would I be then?

However, I’ve answered #3 – what would I do with my free time. Enjoy it. Do the massive amount of things on my “someday I’ll do” list. I would probably work (on my own terms) as much as I had work to do, but would take time off when I wanted like on a gorgeous day like today.

Instead – here I sit behind my desk yearning for the outdoors suffering through my 9-5 (okay – it is a cushy enough job that I’m writing a blog post in the middle of it, but still…)

So how about you? If you didn’t have to work – would you? What would you do with your free time?


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