Foodie Friday – A Little Soup for the Soul


Do you know that song “I’m So Excited”? I can’t get it out of my head and I’ll tell you why: I recently got picked to host a dinner party courtesy of Chicken Soup for the Soul and their new food line! I entered the contest (as a contributor – thank you very much), but never thought it would go far. I mean, how many entries must they have received? But they picked me and last week my box of awesome Chicken Soup for the Soul food came right to my doorstep. (By the way – I totally see the appeal of that whole online grocery shopping now. I wish food would show up on my doorstep more often.)

I dug into that box with more excitement than I’ve attacked anything in quite a while. They sent me several items from their line with instructions on how to host my dinner party and included recipes! I called my friends, set the date and will be sure to post all about it! (Check back after October 5th for all the details! There may even be video…)

So after I decided what to make and how best to utilize my box o’ goodies I realized – there is more food here than I can make in one dinner party. And it wouldn’t all go together. HAPPY DANCE – I get to have more meals from this awesome box!

The first thing that caught my attention was the meal builder sauce. The one they sent to me was for Sloppy Joes. Now I’m not a huge fan of Sloppy Joes, but my mind started spinning with how I could make it even better and even healthier.

I bought some red and green peppers, chopped them up and got them cooking with a small bit of onion (I don’t really love onions…)


Then I threw in the 2 lbs. of hamburger (you could use turkey to make it even healthier – something I’m going to try next time) indicated on the bottle. I’ll just say – that’s a lot of meat for me and my hubby, but you’ll see how we made it work for an entire week’s worth of meals.

20140907_111455 20140907_111849

All you do after that is simply pour in the sauce. Easy peasy, nice and breezy. Dinner is DONE. Tweet: Easy peasy, nice and breezy. Dinner is DONE. #souperfoodparty


Looks good doesn’t it? Here is one of the cool things about this new line: each package has the beginning of a story that inspired the food printed right on it! They give you a little bit of the story and then you can go online (easy to do if you have a phone that reads that little bar code there…) and read the rest! How genius is that? It really puts a personal touch to the product.


So now I was all set to chow down, but I was nervous. I try to avoid a lot of prepackaged food because a lot of it tastes very salty. All those preservatives and what-not. To my surprise and delight though it wasn’t a bit salty tasting! It has 420 mg of sodium – which is not a lot if you look at some other prepackaged foods these days. Plus there are a lot of natural ingredients in this too. I wanted to stay away from a lot of carbs so the first night we had the Joes over Portobello mushrooms! My hubby grilled the caps first on our George Foreman grill (while I was at zumba!), we heated up the mix and topped the mushrooms. Yum.


The next night, to keep it fresh and exciting, we used kaiser rolls (hubby had a whole one and I opted for half) and I paired it with some grilled asparagus. Double yum!



I think you could also add in mushrooms to the sauce or even just use mushrooms instead of the meat! It’s really quick and easy and I will certainly be buying some more of this. Sadly, after day three of the meals – it’s almost gone. *pout* But I still have a few items to try out in my box so check back here often to see what other scrumptious meals I’ve put together.

And check back here after October 5th for my #souperfoodparty blog post!

Have you tried the new Chicken Soup for the Soul food line yet? What’s your favorite?




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