5 Quick Tips About Life

Life and Happiness

I’ve been contemplating making some major decisions in my life and it’s come to my attention that life doesn’t have a lot of rules. What I have found is there are a few quick tips about life that I’d like to share with my readers.

1) Life is different for everyone. This seems simple, but it’s a concept that has taken me about thirty years to figure out. So many of us compare ourselves to others and try to achieve what others have achieved, but their race is not our race. We’re all different. No two paths are the same so how could we ever try to copy what someone else has done. And why would we? Sure they have success, but we can too – in our own individual ways.

2) Life has a LOT of ups and downs. I know people say this all the time, but I’m not sure everyone gets how MANY ups and downs there are over the course of a lifetime. Too often people get discouraged (I know I have) when life takes a turn or a twist. I’ve personally been engaged twice, but only married once; I’ve worked over fifteen different jobs in about five different marketplaces in the last twenty-five years – including one major career change. And I’m considering another one. Again – don’t compare yourself to others who’ve never switched jobs or who found their soul mate at a young age – every one is different and change DOES occur.

3) Don’t eat yellow snow. Okay – this one is from my husband, but it is a pretty good tip for life. I think you can further this tip by saying: be cautious – things aren’t always as they seem. Some friends of mine say I’m a bit too cautious when it comes to some things, but I think being cautious is a prudent thing to do. It does save you heartache in the future and being cautious doesn’t mean you don’t do something – it just means you weigh out your options first. Like: Could I just go get a drink of water from the house INSTEAD of eating the yellow snow.

4) Don’t pee into the wind. Again from my hubby, but also a good tip and can be further explained as this: sometimes you need to know when to change direction. If you’re fighting an uphill battle CONSTANTLY maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe, just maybe, there is a simpler way.

5) Don’t be afraid to say it’s your fault. We all make mistakes – not one of us is perfect, but how often do we say “Yes, I take the blame”? Hardly ever from my experience. Think of all the times you’ve engaged in arguments, lost friendships, and spent the evening fuming over someone’s fraudulent behavior. Wouldn’t it have been simpler for you or the other person to just take responsibility? Don’t you think that life would be less stressful if we could just admit our mistakes and move on? I do and I try to “man up” when I’ve done something wrong. You’d be surprised how quickly an argument gets deflated if you just say “Yep. It was me. Sorry.”

So there you have it – five simple, but effective tips for life. I think many of us put too much importance on the word “life” an as a result over think every single step we make as we go through it. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Let’s work together to make it easier. What do you say?

Share your life tips in the comments section below!


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