Fall Friday


I don’t know about you, but I love Fall. It’s almost my favorite time of year except for one thing: the colder weather. But despite all the chillier days and evenings (some of which are nice if there is a warm fire to sit next to and good friends to chat with) I truly love the colors and decorations. Besides Christmas is it the only holiday I decorate my house (albeit sparsely) for and I love to see others decorations around town. When the SITS Girls put out a blogging challenge for Fall photos I thought “Yep. I’m on it.” So instead of a bunch of words this Friday – let’s just enjoy some pics!


Okay – I’m not one for dressing up on Halloween… in fact I quite hate the holiday. All those little kids dressed up as scary beings… knocking on my door, begging for candy… ugh. No thanks. BUT my friend Meg has this cool party in March (‘Cuz, you know, the outfits are cheaper AFTER Halloween) and last year this was my getup. And I loved it.fall1My next door neighbor’s tree. Absolutely gorgeous in the Fall. The thing is HUGE. Glad those leaves don’t fall in my yard…


Our local park. Really lovely in the Autumn.


My kitchen decorations. I love, love, love that “vase”. It’s actually metal and square. I think you’re supposed to put a candle in it, but I love my fall flowers in their instead.

There you have it – a few Autumnal colors to start your weekend. If you don’t live somewhere that experiences the turning of the leaves I suggest you try to get to a spot at least once in your life. It’s truly magnificent to see God’s splendor bursting forth all across his world.

How about you? What’s your favorite thing about Fall? If you have some photos to share – share a link!




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