Confessions: Work At Home Woman

Flash Fiction, Life and Happiness

I didn’t take a shower today.

I wasn’t going anywhere and my Twitter and Instagram followers only see the nice, professional photo I have on my sites. They would never know that my hair is greasy on top and frizzy on the bottom. And I’m pretty sure it’s sticking up in the back… bed head I think they call it. Or that I’ve worn these jeans for three days straight. And this bra. And this Eeyore sweatshirt. With the sauce stain.

I took the mutt for a walk earlier (and my dog too), but I avoided the main streets. Pulled my black, nondescript trucker hat lower on my head. Slipped my fancy, over sized tortoise shell sunglasses on my face to cover the fact that I had no makeup on. We walked the path behind the town, blissfully free of other people to avoid shocked stares.

“That Sue… I think she’s finally gone off the deep end,” they would say.

No, just working from home folks. Nothing to see here.

“But she’s not a mom,” they’d continue.

That’s right. Just a woman trying to realize her dream. Not all stay-at-homes are moms you know.

For lunch I clean out the fridge and finish up some leftovers while propped up in front of the computer. Some salad drips onto my sweatshirt. Beside the sauce stain. Shrugging, I turn back to my social media, admiring all the other perfectly coiffed bloggers out there, wondering if they’re actually “unclean” today too.

When my husband comes home, I feel slightly guilty. The hat from my walk has made my hair greasier and I feel “schlubby” in my bulky, non-restricting clothes. I huddle in the corner of the couch. Perhaps he won’t see me.

He’s the only one who’ll ever know though.

And tomorrow I’ll take a shower.


This blog is part of the Confessional call out on the Nonsense & Shenanigans blog. Check out the other confessionals on their page!

7 thoughts on “Confessions: Work At Home Woman

  1. This made me laugh. I too work at home, and identify with all of what you write – some days the phone starts to ring before I’ve had time to shower, and before I know it lunchtime has arrived – and then I am more focused on what is in the fridge for lunch than putting the water heater back on for a shower – besides I will shower before bed in about 10 hours time!

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