Christmas is a comin’

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Don’t look now, but…

It's actually only 8 as of this posting...

It’s actually only 8 as of this posting…

And I’ve started my shopping. I know, I know… it’s not even Halloween yet, but I like to get it out of the way. Plus, spreading it out over multiple paychecks is the smart way to handle things. I only have my parents and the god daughters to buy for so it’s simple, but I get it done early to avoid those crazy crowds.

I first considered starting my shopping when my mother kept badgering me and my husband for our Christmas lists.

I tried to reason with her: “Mom. It’s August.”

It’s hard to think Christmas when you’re still basking in the hot, humidity of last summer.

And I don’t know why she was bothering to ask us for lists – she already had half of her shopping for us done anyway. Like, in June.

So last week my hubs and I went shopping for a few items to kick off the season. The stores are already sneaking in small displays as well. In the back. Where they don’t think anyone will truly notice or complain.

“Put it back here Earl among the other shiny household goods. Just keep adding about three items a day until this whole section of the store in piled high with Christmas knick-knackery. They’ll never know what hit ’em.”


October 25th


November 1st

Yesterday, I went shopping again to help out my mom. She saw something for Dad and wanted me to go back and get it while it was on sale. I had to call her from the store to confirm I was buying the right item because the details she typically gives are incorrect. Now, to be clear, Christmas gifts are protected with a secrecy that the Secret Service would be proud of in our family. So Mom wouldn’t divulge too much info by phone “in case ears were listening”. (I can’t give to many details here now either because Dad is probably also reading this and I need to continue the super secret agent squirrel behavior until after the big day.)

She even tried to talk to Dad through the phone: “Carson! Are you listening!?”

Like he was going to answer. If he’s on there trying to find out national Christmas secrets he’s not about to say “Oh yeah! I’m here!”

I had to keep giving descriptions of the item to Mom so she could give me a yes or no answer. “He might be listening so I don’t want to say too much” was her excuse.

I kept turning around in the store and scanning the aisles, like Dad was lurking behind one of the display racks and would find me out any minute. “Aha! I knew it!” he would yell, knocking over the display of Christmas ornaments I hadn’t even noticed, and Mom would be pissed because I hadn’t played sleuth well enough.

I never knew shopping for Christmas was so nerve-wracking.

What about you? Do you dread or love the Christmas holiday? What’s your favorite or least favorite thing about shopping during this season?


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