Book Review: Horse Art by Kathy Shell

Book Reviews

I was recently given the opportunity to read Horse Art by Kathy Shell. I didn’t know anything about Ms. Shell until I started reading, but I was quickly enamored with the breadth of her work.

Kathy started out as a traditionally trained fine artist. She would often paint the Clydesdale horses that would set up near her gallery. She was given the opportunity to paint these magnificent horses for eleven years. Soon the sales of her work, both in her gallery and online, was enough for her to close her gallery and travel. Many of these works can still be seen today in magnets, quote postcards and some even still from the artist herself.

After fifty years of painting and years as a successful art tutor, Kathy has now moved into the realm of writing. I’m so fascinated by this trajectory because it goes to show how us “creatives” can move from one area of interest to another. I too started out in painting, graphic design and other art, but have now moved into the fascinating world of words.

This book is full of helpful information for the budding artist. Kathy illustrates how to buy  your supplies and what qualities to look for in superior equipment as well as how to pack your supplies for traveling exhibitions, art shows and festivals.

Now that Ms. Shell has begun to write as well as paint, this book includes excerpts from several of her novels, which are published under her pen name: Ryn Shell. Each book weaves historical facts with fictional settings full of crime, mystery, betrayal and love. And I’m anxious to read more of her fictional works after getting a taste through these small samplings!

Included at the end of this book is a step-by-step painting lesson – an invaluable and detailed part of this worthwhile book. If you’re a budding artist – this section alone is worth picking up this book.

For more information about Kathy Shell and her work and writings visit:



And find her books here.


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