Mini Post Monday


Because I absolutely love this Mini Post Monday idea from Nonsense & Shenanigans – I’ve decided to run with it again today! Here is this week’s word nonsense.

Home Disasters

Have you ever hit your head on a bathroom stall at a shopping center that might have been just a tad too tiny? They cram so many sometimes into an already minuscule bathroom. (Probably because women gripe constantly about how there aren’t enough of them.) Yeah, I’ve done it too. Except I just did it in my own bathroom. Twice.

I think we might have to do some remodeling.

Woman Vs. Men in the Bathroom

Let’s revisit that shall we? Why do women complain so much about the bathroom situation? We always act like guys have it so great in their bathrooms.

Let’s get real. It’s the whole standing up and not taking off half your clothes to go that saves them all the time. So let’s think about this:

1) They pee standing up with their fluid valve hanging just INCHES outside their clothes. Do ya’ ever think a tiny bit of… SCHTUFF might ACCIDENTALLY drop onto their pants? Do ya’ want to walk around all day with pee on your clothes? (Can I hear the germaphobes say “AMEN!”?)

2) They pee standing next to one another. No wall. Nothing. Do ya ever think someone else’s tinkle might ACCIDENTALLY hit their pants? Do ya’ want to walk around all day with SOMEONE ELSE’S PEE on your pants? (NOW I hear my fellow germaphobes…)

3) And speaking of – there is NO PRIVACY (unless they have to do #2 of course). Do ya’ really want to sit next to your girlfriend (or worse yet A STRANGER), face-to-face and urinate? Well… come on… Do ya?

Think about these things the next time you have to wait on line to use the facilities ladies. I’ll wait for my (modicum of) cleanliness and privacy any day of the week thank-you-very-much.

Speaking of Cleanliness

My husband poked fun at me one time when I didn’t do a thorough-enough-for-him hand washing, thinking he was getting the upper hand (so to speak.)

“At least I don’t have to wipe,” he said, “So if I don’t wash enough it really isn’t that big of a deal.”

“You have to TOUCH YOURS to go,” I retorted, “At least I have a tissue between my hand and the offending party.”

I walked calmly away with my clean hands while he considered this fact.






2 thoughts on “Mini Post Monday

  1. I’ve not been in too many men’s restrooms to compare that aspect, but most women’s I’ve been in are relatively clean. Except road side rest areas – yuck all around.

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