Mini Message Monday

Life and Happiness

So often on Mondays I’m struggling for a blog post. The past few weeks I’ve done the “Mini Post Monday” thing and just gave you some “word vomit.” But yesterday during both our church’s Sunday school lesson and the main sermon I found small snippets of helpful, and interesting, info that I wanted to share with my readers.

In Proverbs 3:1-26 (NIV) we read how wisdom can be more precious than rubies and gold. Our class discussed how reading the Bible and looking to God for our guidance in all circumstances would help us to attain that wisdom. It was suggested that perhaps wisdom is the precursor to the fruit of the spirit. Our fruits cannot be properly harvested until we first seek wisdom from the Lord. I was taken aback by this a bit. I read my Bible, but not as well as I should. And only recently have I really delved into the text in a manner to garner wisdom. So all these years, perhaps, my fruits were not being properly utilized? It could be. Or as my wisdom grows – so might my fruits.

In 2 Timothy 4:2 (NLV) we are told to preach the word of God whether it is a convenient/favorable time or whether it is not. That really hit me too. Don’t we all do this? “Oh, well I’ll catch him next time. He/I was in a hurry.” Doesn’t the Bible say we won’t know the date or time of His arrival? Why would we wait to share the message with someone – they could be gone ten seconds later. Even if the time is unfavorable – it’s the right time. We should be always pointing ourselves or others to the Lord.

And finally, from our guest speaker this week, this tidbit: When Mary states to Jesus “They have no more wine” (John 2:1-12) she was actually speaking a prayer (or a petition for help) to God. And even though Jesus responds with “my time has not yet come,” she turns to the servants and commands them to do as he says. She doesn’t doubt that he will respond to her prayer. She doesn’t limit him with options like “go talk to the neighbors” or “find some wine somewhere” – she simply believes he will fix the problem and that his way will be sufficient. Even though this is his first documented miracle – Mary knows his capabilities (for she has wisdom) and she puts her sole trust in Him by telling others to follow Him (pointing others to the Lord.)

And what did He do? Even though this wasn’t His wedding, even though He was merely a guest, and even though His time was not yet come…He answered her prayer.

How did He answer it? He didn’t just go find some wine – He made it from water. And not just some wine – wine that would be equivalent to 900 bottles of wine today. And not just any wine – wine that was better than (referred to as the choicest) that already was served at the wedding.

He exceeded her request.

She simply stated they were out of wine. She made the needs simply known and He answered her with grace, mercy and abundance. How often do we petition the Lord and then put limits, guidelines and choices in with that request? We’re limiting our Lord! He has the answer. He has the grace and mercy and LOVE for us to exceed even our wildest imaginations and schemes. When we receive the wisdom to understand that – then we can preach it to others.

Let’s gain the wisdom to understand His goodness this week. And then go out and share that wisdom, mercy, grace and abundance with the world.


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