Hide the women and children


It’s Black Friday. No one is probably reading this because they are too busy elbowing someone in the eye for the latest tickle me Elmo or punching some poor unsuspecting first time mother for a Frozen Elsa doll. Actually, by the time this posts (typically around 7:30 am) most of those schmucks might be back in bed, clutching their extravagantly discounted purchases.

I just don’t get it. I’ve never gone out before 7 am on Black Friday. There has never been a single item I had to have so badly that I left my warm, cozy bed to trudge out into the darkness, surround myself with a bunch of other mindless zombies to purchase. None.

Black Friday is utterly and completely ridiculous crap. It is merely a day that the marketing and retail giants have hold over us (well… not me.) Does anyone realize that very often most of this junk that they peddle is still on sale the day after? Does anyone realize that the bulk of this stuff is junk? 

Have you seen the two ladies camped out for WEEKS next to a Best Buy? May I ask why? Is Best Buy selling a rare, never-before-seen miniature Yeti? Do they have the secret to life in there? Are they handing out jobs (because these two apparently need one…)? WEEKS they camped out. WEEKS. How did they have any money with which to purchase anything from the Best Buy? They obviously did not have jobs to go to. Or they took vacation time (which makes this even sadder.) When I saw their photo on the internet and read the story one thing came to mind: addicts.

We’re looking for that thrill, that sense of accomplishment, and that ultimate high that comes from getting our “fix” – be it from shopping or, say, drugs.

So… the retail stores (mind you – NOT the workers. They just do what they’re told) are our DEALERS. Peddling their goodies in front of us, giving us a taste of what we could have, shoving their commercials in our faces, telling us how sad our lives are if we don’t have the latest products and gadgets. Some even give away things or discount them so low that we have to come back for more!

Gee…. I think that’s what’s happening today. And I’m not giving in to the hype. I’m spending today with my husband, baking cookies and decorating our home for the holidays. I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn and I’m sure I missed out on some “must have” product. But I don’t really care. Because the only “must have” product I need is my husband by my side.

Maybe we’ll watch a movie together later, snuggled on the couch, bruise and wound free – content in the knowledge that we didn’t let the pushers get to us.



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