A list for the holidays

Life and Happiness

It is suddenly December. It always seems so daunting when we get to the end of our year and think “What did I accomplish?” as well as “What do I still need to accomplish?” So, if even just to help myself, I thought I’d share a list of the things I’d like to accomplish before the end of this year.

1) Make more money than I did last month. I’ve been steadily making more money in the months since I quit my “traditional” office job, but I have a long way to go. One goal is to just make more, even if it’s only $10 (or, frankly $1) more, with each new month. Right now, to be honest, I feel like a slacker. It isn’t something I expected to feel in this new venture, but as I watch my husband go to work and pay our bills I sometimes feel like I’m not contributing. My husband is quick to remind me that I am contributing and he mentioned how much I had “brought in” this month – it wasn’t much, but it gave me a goal. A little more each month.

2) Make more cookies! This is not something my husband wants me to do. Although… yes, I guess he does, but we’re both struggling with our weight so… But what is Christmas without cookies! Plus, it’s the one time of year I break out the recipes I want to try! Today I am working with my mom to make our family’s “Sand Tarts” – which are basically rolled out butter/sugar cookies that we decorate. It makes a lot so it’s a good start.

3) Make new traditions. For the past ten years or so I’ve used the same Christmas decorations and decorated our house (for the past 5 years) in almost the same manner. This year – I’m switching it up a bit. A lot of what I used were old decorations from my mother. I loved the tradition of those decorations, but I’m getting tired of the look of them. SO my husband and I are adding a few things of our own to the mix. I’m so excited by our new banister decorations!


We added red ribbon and red ornaments to our staples

4) Make less commitments. The Christmas season can already be so hectic and stressful and yet we (or maybe just I?) tend to add to the mix by adding on commitments like a party here, a new batch of cookies there (oops…) or buying more gifts than our wallets can stand. I promised my husband to NOT add on this year. I’m not doing a very good job of it (Cookie Gate), but I do plan on trying to find time to relax when I can… and making more time to relax too.

5) Make the most of the time spent with family. In the past, I’ve perhaps neglected the family aspect of the season. I’ve let petty arguments, disagreements and personal preferences (as well as too much stuff to do) get in the way of truly enjoying time spent with the people I love. I hope to avoid doing that this year. It really isn’t about the money spent, the amount of cookies we make or the number of events we cram into this one month… it’s about Christ and His love for us. Let’s share that love with those in our lives (maybe by making cookies! …sorry, it’s a sickness) by spending more time with them, forgiving and enjoying their love in return.

What do you hope to accomplish this month?



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