Perfect Weird Gifts for the Holidays

Life and Happiness

I recently read about a man who has invented a way for our farts to smell like chocolate. Although I’m not sure of the validity of his invention, it got me thinking about the ingenuity of people when it comes to inventing products we all can use.

At this time of the year I thought I would share some unique inventions and products that might just be the perfect gift you are looking for. (*Warning* This products should probably not be purchased.)

1) The Tie Flask

2.) Rough day at work? Use this tie flask.

Because all the Christmas parties where we tend to drink are not enough – not we can do it at work too! (*Warning* This will probably get you fired.) (Although this is probably the most useful product on this list…)

2) The Twirling Spaghetti Fork


Because twisting our own wrist is SO time consuming. And I really didn’t need my shirt to be free of sauce stains.

3) A Mobile Fishbowl

7.) This mobile fishbowl will help you bring your new pet home (or wherever you want to bring him).

For all those functions you wished you could take your pet fish, Goldie with you. I can only imagine what the trip will be like for poor Goldie…

4) The Hamster Shredder Cage

14.) This hamster cage shredder destroys your important documents ... and it also keeps your pet's cage tidy.

The perfect gift for the hamster lover in your family! Keep the cage clean with freshly shredded paper! Just don’t get the functions mixed up… Or bury the hamster in a mound of shredded tax forms.

5) The Hood Pillow

The hood pillow for a nap anywhere, anytime

Advertised as a “comfortable” pillow that will help you sleep “anywhere.”. …uh, I’m pretty sure he is not sleeping, but is, in fact, dead from suffocation. Or embarrassment.

6) The Bike Without A Seat

 A bike without seals or pedals

So… walking?

If you think these are odd – check out the ones from years past! Our ancestors were truly inventive, creative people. I’m so shocked that many of these inventions are not around today. (Again… sarcasm.)

With all these weird, fun and odd inventions that are (mostly) completely useless, why can’t someone come up with the perfect invention to cure my husband’s ghastly onion breath?


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