Into the Unknown

Life and Happiness

Tomorrow evening the hubs and I are taking on a new adventure: we’re escorting our six-year-old god daughter to the church Christmas dinner.

You see, her parents can’t make the event due to another party scheduled. So I had the brilliant idea to take Megan with us. The pianist of our church has been practicing two songs with all the kids of our church (Happy Birthday Jesus and Away in a Manger) to sing during this dinner and I didn’t want little Megan to miss out because I know how much she likes to sing.

*Side note: I’m in the church choir. Those of us in choir typically sit in a section off to the side, near the choir “loft” at the beginning of church when we sing. For the last several weeks my god daughter has shyly joined me in that pew, snuggling up to me until it’s time to sing. Then she comes up with us and mouths along to the hymns – looking very professional. She even holds a hymnal – even though she can not quite yet figure out how to read music. When we’re done, she hands me her hymnal and returns to Mom – her job complete. This makes me so happy for so many reasons: 1) I remember the shy little girl only a few years ago who would have done everything in her power to NOT get up in front of people and now she’s overcoming her shyness and doing it and 2) when she sits next to me and snuggles I can sense her trust in me. Like she can do it if Aunt Sue is with her. I’m glad she knows I would protect her from anything – even stage fright. It’s a great feeling.

SO – I know she likes to sing and didn’t want her to miss out. I asked if we could take her to the dinner. No problem! said her mamma, with Megan nodding ecstatically beside her.

Their party starts at 4 and the church party starts at 6 though so we’ll have her for a little longer than I expected, but we never give up an opportunity to spend time with her. We’re almost as excited as she is! I’ve also promised her mom that I’ll videotape the event for them too – hope my videotaping skills are not too rusty.

I’m anxious to see how she can do on her own – without Aunt Sue by her side. But I know she’ll do great and I intend to encourage her as much as I can.

Check back next week when I’ll post how the big sing off went!



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