Christmas Tunes – a repost


Originally published December 20, 2013

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music. I tend to keep my radio in the car switched off this time of year, but I do have a few I really love and I listen to them on CD’s (2014 addition – do people still do that? I do – my car doesn’t have an MP3 player.) The radio stations tend to play the most annoying Christmas tunes they can find and replay them often. I have found, though, that our local Christian station plays some good ones and keeps a good rotation.

Here are some of my all-time Christmas favorites:

Silent Night – we sing this one at our church’s Christmas Eve service as we hold candles. It’s so powerful for me. Everyone’s voice seems to be perfectly in tune and I always end up shedding a small tear. 2014 addition – The church choir is singing Still, Still this year. We’ve been practicing it for months and I find myself singing it all the time at home. It’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Go Tell It On The Mountain – sung by Garth Brooks. I love this man’s voice and this Christmas album (The Magic of Christmas) is one of my favorites. This version is a rockabilly type version – full of joy. I love it.


This is not my picture – it is the one from Amazon – go there to buy this album. Do not sue me for using this pic!


December Makes Me Feel This Way – by Dave Koz. This song it just beautiful. Dave is primarily a clarinetist – like Kenny G – and the rest of the album is mostly instrumental except for this song. This tune isn’t really Christmas related, it’s about the December spirit really, but it reminds me of the joy I had as a kid with this month. It really puts me in the Christmas mood.

White Christmas – sung by Bing Crosby. No one else can sings this. Just isn’t right. This is one of the few Christmas movies I like too. 2014 addition – Side note: BTW I HATE  “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Why do they play that so much at Christmas? It’s depressing.

My Favorite Things – sung by Julie Andrews. Okay – this isn’t really a Christmas tune either (I sense a small theme), but it’s always played at Christmas time so I count it as one. I’ve heard the Carrie Underwood version and others, but, for me, no one sings it like Julie Andrews.


Also not my pic – again – go to Amazon to buy!


Most anything instrumental – I think Christmas music should be mellow, relaxing and just slow everything down. The holiday is frantic enough – although I like some of the more upbeat tunes, I tend to stick with slower, more haunting, melodies.

What music gets you in the Christmas spirit – share!


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