And the winner is…

Life and Happiness

People! Why didn’t you remind me I hadn’t posted about our Ugly Christmas Sweater party??? Sheesh. All that build up for nothin’.

But here’s the rub: John and I didn’t get to participate due to the massive amount of germs invading both our systems at the time. He had just broken his 24 hour fever and I had run out of steam trying to keep all the guests happy and my husband alive. BUT I do have pictures and a short story.

As you know I bought and DIY-ed 6 sweaters in total. John and I didn’t use ours so I’m ahead of the game for next Christmas! HA HA! Winning! (Hey, let me have this small piece of good news… there hasn’t been much.)

Two days before Christmas we went out with the cousins and started talking some smack.

“We have the winner. Hands down. You’ll never beat it,” my brother-in-law stated.

“Zip it!” I commanded, “It’s top secret squirrel info bro!”

This got John’s two cousins fired up and, to be honest, shaking in their boots. Which was our plan – to throw them off their game! (Not really… there wasn’t any plan to be honest, but it worked out well anyway.) His cousin, Jordane told me later that she was sewing a ribbon on her fiance’s sweater last minute in a last ditch effort to make it “more ugly.”

So, on the big day, I assembled my sweaters with the last bit of energy I had, before sending off my creations to fend for themselves. Here were our results:


So, from the left, my father-in-law (doesn’t he look thrilled? But this is his normal photo face…) with a stuffed snowman door hanger and a sash that says “Peace on Earth”. Like he’s a pageant contestant. I love it.

Then my sister-in-law Kathy. Her sweater is actually quite nice. The white pattern is on the sweater to begin with and then I added some plastic signs that say “Season’s Greetings” – got those at the thrift shop for 15 cents baby! (Poppin’ Tags!) Then I added some iron-on holly leaves (also a thrift store purchase) and embellished them with some fabric paint.

Tracy, her husband, had a Ralph Lauren sweater (thankyouverymuch) that I added three hideous Christmas doilies (not my mother’s creations) and pressed on three tacky gift bows.

And then… the piece d’resistance – my mother-in-law. Now you have to understand that she has probably no clue what she’s wearing (sorry Mom – maybe you do), and I wanted her to be more “gangsta”, but I was so tired that it didn’t get done. If I’d had my way, she would be wearing a slanted trucker cap, some big gold chainz (with a z), a ring on every finger (thrust forward flashing gang signs) and a diamond encrusted “grill.” But as it was we just went with the wording. Dad pointed out I should have spelled “days” as “daze.” Maybe next year… But this was the one we all thought would win. Our secret squirrel weapon if you will.

Here were the other contenders:


Erin & Sam


Carlos & Jordane – notice Carlos’ ribbon at the bottom… nice try Jordane!


Steve & Dawn



A pretty good showing if you ask me. But a little too much red all around. Personally I would have given it to Steve – his is pretty ugly… but kind of cute at the same time, I guess.

Our friend Andy judged the contest – as a third, non-related, party. His winner?


Booyah! Andy apparently said, “Any guy who will wear doilies on his shirt HAS to be the winner!”

So it wasn’t who I guessed would win (sorry Mom), but my batch DID win. We also took second place in a tie between Dad and Carlos.

Although we couldn’t be there, I’m glad I got to participate in this way and I’m looking forward to next year when we can smoke the competition again!

Now where is my glue gun…




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