Another Big Change…or maybe just an addition

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I met Rebecca back in April 2013 when I was putting together a vendor fundraising event for our church. She sells Simply Said designs. Basically these are the vinyl “stickers” that you can attach to almost anything. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the place.

But what I found out from Rebecca was that Simply Said is quite unique. Their catalog is so extensive it’s sometimes difficult to even focus on one page! I wanted something, it seemed, on every page available! You can get designs in a variety of colors and even create some of your own using their “You Way ” online tool.


The graphic designer in me started to get excited. I’ve tried selling home party products before (Tupperware), but it didn’t turn out well. As I began to consider diving into this new opportunity, I thought back to why it didn’t work out.

1) I wasn’t mature enough. I was looking to make money quick and I didn’t want to invest the time it took to build a business.

Now: I think I’ve matured a great deal. And I’m not looking to just amass millions of dollars. I like this product and think it’s fun. It gets into my creative side even more and helps me continue to explore that side that I’ve been suppressing for years. I know this will be a hobby. But I’ll get out to meet new people, have (hopefully) great experiences and get to continue sharing my creativity to people. All of which will help me with my writing career and, hopefully, my mission for God. You see, Simply Said, is a Christian-based organization. Many of their designs are Bible verses. I’m looking forward to spreading His message through this “simple” avenue.


Just one of many Christian themed designs


2) False advertising. Tupperware consistently said the products would “sell themselves” and I believed them. Mainly because I loved (still do love) Tupperware so I thought everyone else did too. And a lot of people do, but a lot of people had many of the products already. I found myself mainly just being an exchange hound for the masses that had warped or missing lids. But the product DID sell itself… to the consultants. I attended rallies monthly where the company would roll out a “brand new” product – mostly the same things in different colors – and would be expected to buy at least one (out of my own pocket) for my kit. Sure the company had a strong market – its consultants. (**DISCLAIMER: this was MY experience. This was over 15 years ago. This is not to say that Tupperware is still this way or that other pieces around the country might not have done it differently.)

Now: I’ve researched this company a great deal. I see what they give back to their people and what they expect. Obviously they want to make money, but they truly want their people to succeed too. They offer free webinars, free motivational tools, and free personalized service. AND to purchase new products I can use a fund that builds up when I sell products. For example: I have a party and sell some products. Not only do I get paid commission, but I also get a small chunk of my sales added to my account that will help me pay for new catalogs, new products and other items. If I sell – nothing will come out of my pocket. Plus they have wonderful, uplifting messages throughout their product line. Like this one:


3) Lack of support. Back then there wasn’t Facebook or social media marketing or easy ways to get the word out like there is today. We still used paper invitations… for everyone. And there certainly wasn’t someone you could call on to get your questions answered. I knew my sponsor and that was IT. Even when we went to rally, everyone was so click-ish.

Now: Just from doing some research and inquiring about Simply Said, I know at least 3 people I can call upon, plus a Facebook page full of consultants.

In a few weeks I’ll be holding my first party. I’m scared to death, but I think I can do it. I’m looking forward to expanding my skills to include “public speaker.” I’ve done it some, but by doing this more frequently I can become more skilled at it.

I want to encourage anyone out there who is holding back from doing something they think they are interested in. Research it, ask questions, and get the whole story, and then GO FOR IT. Don’t limit yourself just because you might be scared or might think “this won’t work” – what if you do it and it fails? Will you have learned? I did with Tupperware. And I’m using those skills and memories to make good decisions now.

And… what if you don’t fall?



You can check out my Simply Said page, as well as visit my Pinterest page where I share some of my favorite Simply Said designs.


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