Heading in the Right Direction

Life and Happiness

When I went off to college I didn’t go very far – a mere 2 hours away – but the more my parents made the trip the sooner they realized I needed my own car. Although I was a good driver, I had never driven on major highways by myself at that point. There were a lot of interchanges and exits to take from Lancaster to Milton and I was a bit worried about taking all the RIGHT interchanges and exits to find my way home. So I consulted with my dad about it before I had to make my first trip.

At first, he wasn’t really sure how to describe every turn I would need to take. There were some that I had to switch multiple lanes for and some that it looked like I needed to switch lanes, but I really didn’t need to. Road signs can be confusing for a newbie-ish driver. Plus, trying to search for the correct road numbers, watch all the multiple lanes of traffic and being aware of every other driver had me quite worried about this adventure. The more direction he gave, the deeper my fears went. I think he could tell I was getting overwhelmed. So after some debate, and a plethora of details written down, he finally said, “Just follow every sign that goes to Lewistown until you get to the stretch of road you’re familiar with. If you follow signs to Lewistown, you’ll be good to go.”

Courtesy of Flickr Commons

Courtesy of Flickr Commons

Although I wasn’t going to Lewistown (and in fact thought he meant LewisBURG – which is the next town over from us – and I had never been to LewisTOWN ever…) the signs all would point me North to roughly the same location (until I came to the main highway I was familiar with and would lead me home.) When I got on the road for my very first solo trip, I diligently followed his directions and the road signs for Lewistown. It made the way simple and almost stress-free. Although I worried about switching lanes and the erratic behavior of other drivers, I didn’t have to worry about the direction. I just followed every sign that said “Lewistown.” I really couldn’t believe that it would be that simple, but I listened to my father and, before I knew it, I was home.

Courtesy of Flickr Commons

Courtesy of Flickr Commons

Something made me think back to this the other day and I thought about how the Bible does the same thing for us. When we become lost or disoriented, we can consult the Word and get back on track. We can search for those road signs we know are in the Good Book to help us get back home. And even when others may distract us from our purpose or put stumbling blocks in our way (or swerve into our lane), we can always pull out His word to find our way. It seems way to simple sometimes, but really if we just listen to our Father, He will point the way.

Just like those signs all pointing to Lewistown, the Bible is always pointing us to God – and that will lead us home.


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