Valentine’s Day Reflections

Life and Happiness

Over the past 8+ years I’ve been asked a number of times how John and I met. I even wrote a story about it for Chicken Soup for the Soul. I always love to retell the story because it’s such a completely unbelievable one really:

We lived in two different states.

We were from two different worlds.

Our meeting was completely “chance”

He never envisioned living where I live – which is his father’s home town.

And I tell this tale often, with various details and with a smile on my face. Because I know the real reason how we met.

But, you see, my answer to “How did you two meet?” shouldn’t be this long drawn out detail of the timeline of events, but the answer should be:


You see, I don’t believe in coincidence.

I had a part-time job at a library and I started to get discontented with it. No reasons really. But when I quit I realized I still needed a second job, so I got one at a local retail place. That’s where I met John’s aunt. (I also met my best friend – so providence was two fold, but that’s a different story for another time!) Adding to this – she and I didn’t work in the same department of this store. We spoke infrequently, but just enough for me to pour my heart out to her and she to me. Very few people heard what she heard. My mother wasn’t privy to the pain I spoke with her about.

Coincidence? I think not.

John was in a relationship that was okay, but not his ideal. He put up with things he shouldn’t have and finally realized it wasn’t working out. He became discontented. He has told me he probably would have married her, but something just didn’t “connect.”

When we met we just hit it off right away. Like we’d been friends for years.


Our first dance together. We are so in love in this pic. And still today.


Then, after we had fallen in love, we both tried to find jobs in each other’s cities.

He found his first. He sold his town-home right before the market collapse (coincidence? I think not) and moved here. We bought a house, remodeled it, he bought me a NICE ring set, and paid for most of the wedding with the sale of his town-home.

Coincidence? I think not.


After I met John I went back through some journals and found a note I had written: “I want a man who treats me as his equal, someone smart and funny, and someone who will love me for me.” John was all those things and more and I couldn’t believe how accurate he fit the description.

John said when he came to see me (as a couple) for the first time he felt in his heart I was the one he was going to marry. He knew from DAY ONE.


One of my favorite photos. I love kissing him.



I could point out dozens of things that tell me this was all God’s providence. It was because of Him that we met. Because of Him that we’re where we are today. Because of Him that I’ve found not only a great husband, but also a wonderful friend in this man.


How cute is this guy?

So when people ask me next time, “How did you meet?” I’m going to say “GOD.”

Because truly I cannot see how something so blessed and so completely beyond wonderful could be from anywhere else.

Happy Valentine’s Day and God Bless. May you find God’s providence for you today and may you remember again why you fell in love with your significant other.


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