What My Writing Really Needs

Food, Life and Happiness

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I’d be interested in a little road trip. Since she is one of my favorite people and any time spent with her, even in a confined space, usually leads to great conversation and wonderful inspiration, I readily agreed and marked my calendar for the day.

On Sunday, I asked when we’d be leaving.

“5,” she replied.

“A.M.?” I asked incredulously.

She just laughed and tried to give me an out, saying her husband could probably go with her instead. She even repeatedly said, “You don’t have to do this!” to me.

But never one to be deterred from new adventures, and because this particular adventure promised doughnuts at the end, I agreed to the “O dark thirty” requirement.

krispykreme 5

This was about an hour in. Pretty though.


So at the severely early hour of 4 A.M. I found myself getting out of my warm bed, taking a shower to shake off the dreams and venturing out into the cold, dark morning to start my day. After I picked her up, we were on our way. The conversation ranged from family dilemmas to childhood traumas, but the drive was easy and, before we knew it, we had arrived at our destination.

Krispy Kreme Central. (Okay, not really. I think they are from North Carolina originally.)

krispykreme 1

Krispy Kreme, Scranton, PA and Amurica (note the flag)

Notice it is light by this time, but this is only 6:30 AM at this point. Our stamina was still high and our delight in seeing all the waiting doughnuts made it even better!

krispykreme 4


But before we could have our own little snack, we needed to load up the 150 boxes of Krispy Kremes that Roberta’s school (Sunbury Christian Academy) had purchased as part of their fundraiser for kids to go on a mission trip to Puerto Rico. That’s right. 150 boxes. We were assured that they would fit into my car by the school, but the employees at the shop looked skeptical. As they wheeled out the cart bursting to the brim with freshly made doughnuts, we began stacking them neatly in my Matrix.

One after one, we stuffed and shoved. Thankfully we hadn’t brought anyone else along with us for this adventure… they would have had to sit on the roof to come home (a cold proposition)!

krispykreme 3

No inch spared. And no doughnut harmed.

They all fit and we closed it up tight and returned inside the store for a snack of our own, and a bit of warming up, for the long ride home.

The smell of this place is indefinably by the way… sugar and dough mixed together with coffee and spices… it was wonderful. Oh Wait. I can let you smell it – my car smells like this shop now…

No one, not even too tired friends, could resist the allure of these delicious smells. We ordered several doughnuts and some hot beverages (on the house! Thanks Krispy Kreme!), sat at the counter and watched the world go by in the early morning hours. It was blissful. Our duty was almost done and our bellies were full.

“The kids aren’t even in school yet,” my friend lamented.

“Hmph,” I said around the blueberry filled goodness of my sugary concoction.

krispykreme 2

hmmm… blueberry filled…

When we were full, we fell back into my ride, satiated with sweetness and urged on with additional caffeine, to begin our return trip home.

It was 7 AM.

Spending the day with my friend – even at this un-Godly hour – reminded me of why I need to get out of the house more often. I could have turned her down, fearful of the early hour and the strain it might put on my already mournful sleep habits. I could have been grumpy (as I usually am at this hour) and refused to share in delightful conversation. I could have refused to be helpful in the first place and lost out on this rare opportunity to spend time with my friend, see a city I’ve never seen, eat doughnuts I don’t normally get, and not meet new, friendly people along the way.

In addition, we chatted about our writing. She told me of her story ideas for her upcoming book (the third in a series – check out the first one here) and I got her advice on writing my own Young Adult fiction novel. I fleshed out ideas with her and, due to her encouragement and story development ideas, I came right home and started writing. Just a “simple” little adventure was all that was needed to get my writing on the page.

So, I’ve determined, this is what my writing really needs: friends, conversation, story-telling, early morning wake-up calls, adventure and doughnuts.






2 thoughts on “What My Writing Really Needs

  1. The sweetness of friendship is irreplaceable. I felt like I was in the car with you. My mouth was watering and I could smell the doughnuts! Thanks, Sue, for this encouraging post!

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