Happy Friday!

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Well this week certainly has flown by! I’ve been to Scranton to pick up donuts, spent many hours catching up with friends and started a new young adult fiction novel that I’m very excited about. In addition, I’ve been prepping for two vendor shows this weekend to (hopefully) get my new Simply Said Designs direct sales business off the ground.

Whew! I’m exhausted!

BUT because I missed posting last Friday (Big shout out to my loyal reader Amy who asked “Where is your blog post!?!”) – I didn’t want to leave anyone hanging this week.

So I’m posting some wonderful pictures related to spring – because it just can’t come too soon. I’m sick of this winter – how about you?

Go to my Simply Said Designs website, check out the catalog and let me know some of your favorite designs!






2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. My ears perked up at the mention of Scranton! I’m from Tunkhannock and I bet you were at Krispy Kreme in Clarks Summit! So nice to meet someone who is from my area and also has been published in Chicken Soup! Do you have an author page on Facebook?

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