Wisdom Wednesday

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Today I’m surrounded by writers. A few of us found this great local coffee shop, with a lot of space and wonderful Christian music playing throughout, that we all (or most all) agreed to meet. There is even a fireplace that we are spread out around with our notebooks, and laptops. There is idle chit chat happening as well as in-depth “writer chat” occurring. We talk about our latest writing, what novel/script we just sent out into the abyss, and even what our pets or children are up to.

This type of get-together is important. It helps us grow as individuals, as writers, and to fellowship together as Christians. How can we write and explore the world within our stories if we contain ourselves to our own little worlds? How can we dig deep into our characters when we only see ourselves in our everyday existence?


Last night, I participated in a conference call with my up-line for my Simply Said business. After a day of discouragement with that business, it felt good and uplifting to know that someone else was having similar troubles. We swapped sob stories, but also brainstormed new ideas and, at the end, I felt transformed and encouraged. I am ready to try again.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Holding each other up? Pushing one another and encouraging each other in love to try it again? Reach for the stars, grab that brass ring, and make your dreams come true.

I thrive now on these interactions. I live for them and feel like I’m empowered when I come away from them.

So today – reach out to someone else. Tell them your troubles and listen to theirs. Encourage. Lift up in prayer. LISTEN.

You will be blessed by it.


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