This post is no joke

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I’m sitting at my favorite local cafe and struggling to conjure up a post for tomorrow. I must admit, I’ve been busy and my motivation has been lacking. So I’m struggling – what to write today? I considered an April’s Fool’s joke of some sort, but it just isn’t me. I hate practical jokes to be honest.

Typically I write about what I’ve learned in the last week or what new pieces of hope have come to mind, but life has just been tearing up the road before and behind me that I haven’t had a chance to stop and consider it. In addition, our weather in PA is STILL stuck in winter… as I look outside now, small tender snowflakes are once again falling and the skies look threatening and gray as they have for the past 6 months. (6… ugh – that’s half the year!) I’m so ready for summer it is not funny.

But… I’m forcing myself to forget the weather and now focus on some good things of late. So here’s a list of gifts I’m recently thankful for:

  1. The gift of friends. John had his GMAT test on Saturday and we hadn’t told a lot of people about it. He was worried and studied hard for several weeks. When he arrived home he was just thankful that it was over, but most certainly happier that he had done well. Our close friends invited us out for dinner and afterwards surprised him with a “Congratulations John” cake complete with candle. We could not have felt more loved.
  2. The gift of a song. I’m listening currently to “There Will Be A Day” by Jeremy Camp. It promises a day with no more tears, no more pain and no more fears. I’m hoping no more winter too. Recently a friend’s mother passed away and she was sad, but only for a short time. She knows she’ll see her again in the afterlife and that made her happy. She was thankful for the no more tears and pain part. It’s a good reminder this Easter season.
  3. My gift. An article I wrote was recently published and I just received the check for the work. In March alone I’ve bested myself and have had the best month since starting my new freelancing business. It gives me hope that this decision was a good one and that I truly am achieving my purpose in life. I am thankful that God had placed me in this place and encouraged me to utilize His gift to me and that I am not squandering it. I pray that I can continue and not only make Him proud, but also give Him the glory.
  4. The gift of prayer. My father had surgery last week. It was “minor,” but I was nonetheless apprehensive about it. Not only did it go extremely well, but a good friend came and spent the downtime with me so I was able to refocus my thoughts. My prayers, and those of about a hundred friends across the internet, were answered in a huge, tangible way when my father came through the surgery “like a champ” (the nurse’s words) and was able to go home that same day. He’s been quickly recovering and I am thankful everyday for faithful prayer warriors and for God’s provisions.
  5. The gift of social media. I know this is an odd one, but, for me, it’s one that I do not take for granted. I think of how easily it is to reach out to someone for an opinion, a prayer, a kind word, or an answer to question. Last night I participated in a Twitter party with @sitsgirls. The topic was blog conferences – which I’m not going to attend this year. Nevertheless, I found new followers and new friends during the conversation and was even able to encourage one blogger who felt a little “unworthy.” When I need prayer – I reach out on social media. When I need advice – I reach out. When I need an answer to a technical question (like I did this week with an editing issue) – I reach out. It’s uplifting to speak to someone you may never meet and to be encouraged. No matter what some may say about social media – I think it’s a blessing.

So there’s my list for this week. And now my mood is lighter and I’m going to go get a coffee (flavored – I prefer tea…but need some caffeine!) and share some time with a friend. In person this time. 🙂


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