Summer Plans!

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The weather has just barely turned to spring around here and already my summer is gearing up to be a busy one. It’s like we can’t wait until winter is over to finally get some things done and then *BAM!* we’ve scheduled ourselves silly for the entire summer before we know it. Here’s my short list so far:


Courtesy of mbtrama – flickr

  1. Vacation. Early June. This year we agreed to go along with our friends and god daughters to the beach. It’ll be the first time we’ve ever been on vacation with children (although we aren’t worried – we love these little women!) and the first time we’ve been to Cape May. A lot of folks say it’s wonderful and our hotel looks really cool so I’m looking forward to it.
  2. St. Davids Christian Writer’s Conference. Less than a week after vacation. Okay so this is where it gets dicey. I haven’t decided 100% to go to this conference yet although I do love it. The worse part is that it’s less than a week after my vacation. Not so bad, you say? Sounds like two weeks of vacation right? Well… except that means two weeks of not working and unlike a traditional job – I don’t get paid for time off. SO. I’m hoping to either a) stock up on work ahead of time or b) work somewhere in between both.
  3. Simply Said Convention. This is only a two day event in Louisville, KY in late July. I’m torn about it because I’ve just started my business and I’m not sure if I want to invest this much yet. I know it’ll probably be amazing AND I get to go for half price because I’m a new designer. AND I’ll get some awesome stuff, motivation and encouragement.
  4. Montrose Writer’s Conference. This one is late July too. I haven’t decided on this either yet. Mainly because I’m waiting to see what the classes look like AND because if I go to this and the convention in #3 it means I’ll be REALLY on the go. Convention ends on a Saturday and this conference starts the NEXT DAY. If we drive to Kentucky then I wouldn’t make it back in time. But I’ve put off this conference for almost three years now… should I put it off again?
  5. Vendor Show. I have a vendor event in August for my Simply Said business. It’s a one day event on a Saturday. No biggie really. I think, for now, it’s my only August event.

Just hoping to see this during my summer.


So… I wrote this all to help me decide on a few things and to see that it REALLY isn’t that big of a deal. I still have a LOT of summer left to fill. For those of us who feel like, perhaps, we’re a bit overwhelmed sometimes, it’s a good idea to write it all out like this. Helps put perspective on things and also to make it a little more manageable.

I’m still mostly undecided on most of it so I’ve also not committed myself to a whole lot… yet.

Oh… I forgot… the in-laws usually visit in July and I haven’t spoken to them yet about what dates that’ll be. Guess that’s a pretty big deciding factor too. (HINT HINT Mom F.! LOL)

In any event, I know several other things I’ll be doing this summer for sure:

  1. Enjoying the sun (especially in June when we’re at the beach!)
  2. Enjoying time spent with friends (hopefully outdoors with tasty beverage in hand!)
  3. Soaking up the sun (to store it up for the next harsh winter.)
  4. Expanding my strengths and businesses.


What does your summer look like already? Are you still planning or already overbooked?


4 thoughts on “Summer Plans!

  1. Still sort of planning, but a number of things are already scheduled. It doesn’t take long before it feels like there’s not nearly enough down time, thanks to the ongoing need to work, as you mention in your blog.

  2. Have fun this summer. And do try to make the Montrose Conference. It will uplift and recharge you big time.

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